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Greek Goddess Style Wedding Dresses

Greek goddess style wedding dresses are some of the most beautiful in the market, coming in all shapes and styles. This can make it difficult for brides who are in the middle of choosing their wedding dress—there are so many to choose from! To inspire you, here are some of our favourite ideas for Greek style bridal gowns.

Wedding Dresses by Ivory and Grace |
Daisy wedding dress by Ivory and Grace.

Above: Ivory and Grace

When people say “Greek style”, they’re usually referring to Ancient Greek clothing styles such as the chiton—which was a popular piece of clothing for both men and women. In fact, the goddess of love herself, Aphrodite, is often depicted wearing a chiton. But there were different styles throughout history, with some chitons being sleeveless and fastened at the shoulder, their length reaching the ankles, while others did have sleeves or were longer than the wearer was tall. This made for quite a variation of styles, and they were so well-liked that the styles went on to inspire the fashion of Ancient Rome.

Ivory and Grace Greek Goddess Style Wedding Dresses |
Ivory and Grace Greek goddess style wedding dresses.

Above: Ivory and Grace

Other pieces of Greek clothing included the peplos, which was similar to the chiton in that it was a long garment tied at the shoulder(s) and the waist (it became a classic garment for women to wear, and the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, is often shown wearing one). And there was a himation, a kind of drape that was usually worn over a chiton or peplos like a cloak.

Beautiful Greek Style Wedding Dresses |
A selection of beautiful Greek style wedding dresses.

Above, clockwise from the top-left: Sweetheart Gowns | Sincerity Bridal | Lillian West

Greek Wedding Dress Ideas |
Greek wedding dress ideas.

Above, left to right: Mary Lise | Annasul

For your Greek-goddess-inspired wedding dress, you’ll probably be looking at a dress made of natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, silk or linen in order to keep with the desired style. Soft, flowing materials like gauze, organza, chiffon and tulle are also favoured for an elegant, feminine look. Dress designers worldwide have created stunning Greek style wedding dresses, and they look amazing. Plus they come in all designs, with a choice of one, two, or no straps, sleeves or no sleeves, a low or high back, a short or sweeping train…. There’s something for every bride’s taste.

Greek Style Wedding Dresses by Alfred Angelo |
Greek style wedding dress by Alfred Angelo.

Above: Alfred Angelo

Furthermore, you can accentuate your dress with an ornamental girdle—you can have a high girdle, worn under the bust, or a low girdle, worn around the waist. Greek style wedding dresses can be quite simplistic, and it’s the details that make it pop. Historically, Greek women would actually sew jewellery and ornamentation to their clothes, and fabric was pinned at the shoulder(s) with decorative buttons, brooches (fibulae), and pins (peronai). You can add the same sparkle by adding gems or pieces of jewellery.

Greek Style Wedding Dresses |
Feel like a Greek goddess in a gorgeous Greek style wedding dress.

Above, clockwise from the top: Pronovias | Victoria Jane Bridal | Vera Wang

The wreath motif is a hugely popular symbol for Greek wedding dresses, and it looks wonderful. It’s compatible with any wedding theme—particularly the earthy, organic Bohemian. Vines or wreaths of leaves and flowers used as a crown or belt are a fantastic way to complete the bride’s transformation into a Greek goddess.

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