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Groom Style Trends For 2016

When it comes to wedding planning we all know that it will consume your life for months to come. The styles and trends of 2015 have all been done and are no longer unique and different; allowing new trends to come and take their place, prompting the question that you want an answer to, what will be the groom style trends for 2016?

Well personally I believe that this could swing one of two ways, incredibly formal and traditional or embrace the smart casual look and make many young grooms feel more comfortable.


The idea of weddings becoming more traditional may at face value seem rather dull, generic and over played for both the modern groom and the modern bride. However due to the past few years moving further away from formality this would take a fresh 2016 twist and become a new ironic play on the old. This is why I believe wholeheartedly that we will see a massive surge in the number of incredibly smart, traditional suits in fun, bright colours, pinks, reds, light blues and hopefully even purples. Black, grey and brown suits are too reminiscent of the aged business man and not the young, energetic grooms looking to hold a memorable wedding.

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Yet, if the trends of the last few years are followed and the attire becomes more high street with more unique styles for the groom, we could see many grooms spend their wedding day without the warm embrace of a suit jacket. This trend would see grooms feel much more casual and relaxed on an incredibly stressful day. People feel more at peace with their bodies today due to both exercise being more popular than ever and society’s  judgement on others mellowing, as the internet has shown us there are always people doing far worse.

While I shall continue to insist that there is no such thing as being over dressed, only looking absolutely smashing, I will concede that the smart casual style does fit perfectly and should be a part of many weddings. Whatever direction 2016 will take us in, I can guarantee it shall be fresh and change the way that modern weddings are viewed.

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