Helpful Hints for Choosing Groom’s Attire

Who to choose, what to wear, how much to pay? These are all very good questions. Which is why Confetti has top men’s stylist Stephen Bishop from Hugh Harris giving you all the answers.

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Who to Choose?

Simply choose a service offering just that, service. Without it, regardless of the quality of product on offer, you may not get what you want. In the men’s formal wear industry, I feel it is vital that you choose a company that carries stock on the premises so that you are able to try on a multitude of styles, colours and of course sizes. This way you can be happy with your choice and should be in no doubt about your order. In addition, what happens if you want to change anything at the last minute? If the store you choose doesn’t carry stock, in other words their central warehouse supplies them, and you find that, on collection, you can’t do the trousers up, what happens? Stores that have stock on the premises will be able to offer a quick and easy solution with no worries attached.

What to Wear?

Of course the function you are attending, or indeed creating, may determine certain things, but frankly do what you feel is comfortable. I am always surprised at the diversity of formal wear. From formal wear to an open neck shirt with standard suit, just do what you are comfortable with, but keep an open mind – you may end up choosing something a little different. Listen to suggestions from friends or professionals, but ultimately it is your decision.

How Much to Pay?

Most people want the best, but may perhaps be unable to justify the expense. Most of the wedding industry is service-led. Without decent service, product is irrelevant. I liken this to a good meal. If it is a lovely meal at a lovely place then you are happy to pay. If the service was terrible then does that not take the gloss off your experience and make the standard of the meal irrelevant? There is nothing worse. Therefore service as well as product is very high on my list of priorities, requiring me to spend more on this area – what price can you put on service!

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