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High Street Wedding Suits for the Groom

If you’re looking for inspiration on wedding suits for the groom, here are some of our favourites. Complete with waistcoat and tie, cuff links and pocket square, here’s how buying off-the-peg could make your budget go further.

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High street convenience and low costs

These days we have more choice than ever before and an ‘anything goes’ attitude to wedding style, which means you don’t have to wear a penguin suit if you don’t want to. You might prefer to wear a casual suit you know you can wear again.


Expect to pay under £100 for a two-piece suit, under £50 for a suit jacket and a little more for a three-piece suit plus tie. Don’t forget that if you’re not a regular size then you can always have the suit altered to fit.

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Choose from traditional three-piece suits to tailored, or more modern styles in a slim or even a skinny cut. Today’s choices also come in a variety of colours including various shades of grey and blue. Plus there’s always the affordable tuxedo with all the trimmings for the groom planning a James Bond style black tie wedding.

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Wedding Ties, Bow Ties and Cravats

Wearing a waistcoat is optional and has become quite fashionable again in recent years. One way to make your wedding suit stand out from the rest of your bridal party is to wear a coloured or patterned waistcoat and tie. Choose from plain block colour or pattern of swirl, stripe, polka dots, scroll to traditional paisley. Wedding ties also come in various styles and colours, both patterned and plain. Choose from the regular tie, to the contemporary skinny or clip-on, these days you can even get an extra long tie for the tallest of gentlemen.

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Traditional wedding cravats come in self-tie and scrunchie style while the more flamboyant bow tie is available in pre-tied, self tie and cross over varieties. Match your tie to your waistcoat with finishing touches of pocket squares and cuff links for the most stylish look. For a co-ordinating bridal party, match the colours of your bride or bridesmaids gowns to the groom or groomsmen’s accessories. Now all you need is shoes.

Formal Suit Hire

The beauty of hiring a wedding suit is that it can cost a lot less than buying one. And as you’re only likely to wear it once it makes sense to save some of your budget for more important areas.

For more inspiration on wedding suits for the groom and the grooms’ men, including made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring, please visit Menswear.

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