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How to Choose an Engagement Ring with ROX

Expert advice on how to choose an engagement ring with ROX, a British luxury jeweller and winners of the Independent Jeweller of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards for three years running.

How to choose an engagement ring by ROX | Confetti.co.uk


Planning the Perfect Proposal

What do you think the scariest thing about planning to get down on one knee is? Perhaps you’d guess that it’s getting permission from an intimidating father-in-law, or the idea that the answer to the big question could be a heartbreaking ‘no’ rather than an ecstatic ‘yes!’

If so, you may be surprised to hear that according to a recent survey we carried out in partnership with Confetti.co.uk, over 30% of those planning to pop the question are actually most worried about presenting their loved one with the perfect proposal – including their ideal ring.

How to choose an engagement ring by ROX | Confetti.co.uk | Confetti.co.uk

We understand where that worry comes from – after all, taste in jewellery is a very personal thing and that choosiness is amplified when it comes to an engagement ring. It’s a symbol of your love and commitment that will potentially remain on your finger for the rest of your life.

Engagement Ring Survey Findings

Of the brides we surveyed, 75% said that they felt their partners had known their tastes and style really well before they popped the question. For the 25% who weren’t quite sure, relying on subtly dropped hints seemed to help bridge the gap, with a 10% increase in the likelihood of picking something perfect.

However, almost a third of our surveyed brides said that they would definitely consider upgrading their engagement ring – whether right now or at some point in the future. Plus, over 50% admitted that they probably wouldn’t feel comfortable ‘fessing up if the ring wasn’t quite what they had been hoping for.

How to choose an engagement ring by ROX | Confetti.co.uk | Confetti.co.uk

It might sound like the fear of not choosing the right ring is well founded, but that’s where the experts come in.

Currently only 37% of people seek advice from jewellers before making that all-important purchase but actually, there’s a lot more to picking the right ring than just choosing the first one that catches your eye.

How to choose an engagement ring by ROX | Confetti.co.uk | Confetti.co.uk

Even the most well-informed customer is liable to stumble when it comes to deciding on the ideal carat, clarity, cut and colour. After all, that’s a lot to think about!

Our engagement ring specialists have years of experience when it comes to suggesting the perfect piece of jewellery and you’ll be surprised by how many potential problems we’ll be able to solve for you.

And if you can’t afford a higher carat but know that your beloved is desperate for an extra sparkly solitaire, there is a solution. An expert jeweller will know to point you in the direction of a marquise cut diamond or an illusion setting.

How to choose an engagement ring by ROX | Confetti.co.uk

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

When you’re newly engaged, you should be spending all of your time drinking fizz and proudly flaunting your left hand at every opportunity, not wistfully gazing into shop windows at the one that got away. That’s why we’re on a mission to make sure that there’s plenty of help available to ensure that everyone ends up with the ring of their dreams.

Our new online Concierge Tool has been designed to cover all the bases, offering personalised suggestions to suit the information you have on your sweetheart. Plus, we’ve collected together some top tips on how to pick up on subtle hints and clues to ensure you end up with the perfect ring.

At ROX, we’re here to ensure that life’s biggest purchase is as easy as possible, though we’re afraid we can’t do anything to help the 15% who are terrified by their future in-laws!

About ROX

ROX is an award-winning British luxury jeweller producing some of the UK’s most inspiring jewellery and retailing the world’s finest luxury watches.

Find the right engagement ring, wedding ring and more at ROX.

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