How to decide on your wedding dress style, shape and colour

Find the bridal gown that fits and flatters you in all the right places. Before you head for the high street and frantically look through rail after rail of dresses, discover what you need to know first. Find out how to calmly shop for your wedding dress and get exactly the right gown for you.

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The venue

You need a dress style that will suit the venue; it’s no good buying an elaborate dress with a full skirt, enormous train and veil if you are planning to walk barefoot to the water’s edge for your ceremony. Before choosing a wedding dress, you need to consider where you are getting married and ask yourself is your venue traditional, trendy or downright relaxed?

The season

Take into consideration the time of year you are getting married. For example, you might want to choose a lighter fabric for summer or a long‐sleeved style and faux fur for winter. You want to be the centre of attention because you look beautiful, not because you’ve gone blue from the cold.

Your figure

No matter what size or shape you are, there is a wedding dress to suit you that will fit and flatter in all the right places. All you need do before you shop is think about what dress styles usually suit you best. For example, do you look and feel fabulous in a slinky bias‐cut skirt? Do you feel comfortable in a strapless corset, or do you prefer a halterneck style for support? Use the shapes and styles you prefer as a starting point and discuss these with the shop assistant.

Your skin colour

Traditional wedding dresses come in all shades of white, cream and gold, so don’t think you have to opt for pure white – particularly if you are very pale. Ask the shop assistant to help you choose a fabric colour that helps you glow – not look like a ghost.

Note down your choices based on these considerations and you will be all set to go shopping. Wherever you choose to look, whether you want a couture, made‐to‐measure, off‐the‐peg or vintage‐style dress, thinking about these important aspects beforehand will really help.

A good sales assistant should ask you all these questions about the venue, time of year, your figure and skin colour before you even begin to get near the rails and now you’ll be all prepared with the answers.

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