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How to shop for natural fancy coloured diamond wedding rings

When buying a ring for your engagement or wedding it’s important to research the market and see what you really like, whether that’s a traditional plain wedding band, a wedding band with a white diamond, or a wedding band with a fancy coloured diamond. Guest Blogger Geoff Barton-Harvey from explains what to look out for.

natural fancy coloured diamonds engagement ring

Nowadays, there’s a wider variety of wedding and engagement rings than ever before. You have the normal off-the-peg wedding bands that can be found in every high street jewellers, to the bespoke rings made to your own personal specifications. Most brides choose wedding rings based solely on what the ring looks like on their finger, but there are five other things to take into account when shopping for fancy coloured diamonds.

The Colour

In white diamonds it’s the absence of colour that makes the diamond more valuable. In fancy coloured diamonds it’s the presence of colour and the density that makes the diamond more valuable. A very faint yellow diamond will be less valuable than a vivid dark yellow diamond.

The Cut

A well-cut clear diamond will absorb and reflect the light in the shortest period of time making the diamond sparkle. However, with natural fancy coloured diamonds the cut is made so the light remains within the diamond to show off more colour.

The Clarity

The clarity of clear diamonds and natural fancy coloured diamonds are the same. The clarity basically refers to the diamonds overall appearance internally and externally. You can get flawless diamonds, but these are few and far between. Most diamonds will have a flaw internally or externally but they are not usually visible to the naked eye.

The Carat

The carat refers to the weight of a diamond. Many years ago the seeds of the carob were used on precision scales to measure the weight of precious stones. The tradition has continued and today we still refer to diamonds weight by carat.

The Shape

Something else you should consider is the shape of the diamond. If you’re thinking of purchasing a coloured diamond not only will you find them in a vast array of shapes including, Asscher, cushion, emerald, pear, radiant, and the most popular of all, the round diamond, but also in a vast array of colours including wonderful yellows, vibrant blues, spectacular oranges, gorgeous greens, and the most exquisite and sought after Argyle pink.

natural fancy coloured diamonds

So to sum up, remember there is no universal design for your wedding or engagement ring. Choose a ring that suits your personal taste, and you enjoy wearing and looking at. Make sure it suits the colour of your skin tone. Rings come in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, so make sure you try the different colours to see what suits you best. Ensure the ring is the right shape and thickness for your finger. Thinner and more delicate rings would look better on a smaller hand, while thicker rings may not look as good. Your diamond should suit your hand and skin tone as well as the diamond band.

Don’t be pressured into buying a clear diamond just because everyone else may have one. Go with your own personal taste and if it’s a splash of yellow or pink you want, then go for it. Don’t rush to make your decision as it’s you who will be wearing the ring forever. If it takes a little longer to find the ring of your choice, then so be it. It’s better to end up with what you really want than what was available at the time.

Barton-Harvey and Co are suppliers of natural fancy coloured diamonds wedding rings, engagement rings and jewellery.  

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