How to Style Your Bridesmaids

We all want our bridesmaids to look absolutely gorgeous, although not quite as gorgeous as the bride!  Karen Birney, editor of Ireland’s top wedding site shared her top tips on how to style your bridesmaids.

I must start this post off by saying, “It’s your wedding day, of course all eyes will be on you!” Now that I have got that out of the way, let’s discuss your handmaidens. Your bridesmaids’ duties are threefold; 1. To help with your wedding planning, 2. To carry random items for you throughout the wedding day, and, 3. To look fabulous, while making sure not to take the shine off you on your big day! I’m here to make sure the last item on the list is carried out in full, so that everyone’s all smiles by the time the photographer gets around.


Be aware of your bridesmaids’ insecurities

I know you’re probably thinking she doesn’t have any, she’s PERFECT and mumbling something to yourself about ice-cream, but the fact is, most women have some sort of body hang-up and you’re going to have to acknowledge it. Mine is my tummy. There, I said it. As I got a little older I learned how to hide it by styling myself in just the right way.

Sometimes, every your closest friend won’t want to tell you what she’s self-conscious about, for fear of being told she’s silly, or that she’s looking for attention, or maybe she thinks you haven’t noticed and would prefer to keep it that way? The way around this is to just ask, straight out, if there’s something she wants from the dress (ie long sleeves as she is conscious of her arms, or a high back as she is conscious of acne marks etc). If you’re going for a uniform look for your bridesmaids, try Twobirds Bridesmaids (below), who design dresses that can be worn seven different ways. Or, have your bridesmaid choose a dress she likes wearing and get a copy made in the fabric and colour of your choice.

Mix & match their styles

Groups of friends often share a similar dress sense, so asking your girls to wear a dress they already have (and that you deem appropriate!) is a great way save some money and keep everyone happy. If your girls have different looks, this would be a lovely way to bring some personality to your wedding party. Make sure your girls are aware of the overall look you’re going for however – a purple ballgown beside a beige shift dress just isn’t going to work!

Bridesmaids shoes

I love shoes (gosh, you’re learning a lot about me today) and am often known to try out a pair of six inchers when I’m feeling particularly cocky. Some girls like wearing heels, some don’t. The same way one girl would gasp if you asked her to walk in a pair of six inch heels, I would be offended if asked to try on a pair under five. Asking your bridesmaids to choose their own shoes, or to wear a pair they already have, is therefore a great way to cater to everybody’s style/height. With shoes, if you’re not going all one colour, have your brides wear an array of bright colours, it’ll look beautiful!

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