Lab-Grown Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring – and other diamond wedding jewellery – there are so many things to consider. One of those is what kind of diamond to go for, whether you go for a mined diamond, a vintage stone or a lab-grown diamond.

You might wonder what a lab-grown diamond is? We asked The Diamond Store to explain more about this ethical jewellery choice…


The Diamond Store, Alessandra Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Lab-grown diamonds offer some really exciting jewellery choices for brides-to-be. The reason why they are becoming so popular (apart from the stunning engagement ring and wedding jewellery designs you can choose from!) is their remarkable value and the benefits they offer to the environment.

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What are lab-grown diamonds?

Many people wrongly assume that they are fake diamonds. While diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia are indeed fake, lab-grown diamonds are actually real diamonds. The only difference is their origin. 

The Diamond Store, Natalie Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Lab diamonds are grown from a mined diamond “seed” by scientists using state of the art technology – as opposed to having been extracted from the earth by miners. 

A diamond laboratory replicates the intense conditions under which diamonds were naturally formed under the Earth’s crust millions of years ago. This is why lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to their mined counterparts. 

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Will my lab-grown diamond tarnish?

Lab-grown diamonds, just like mined diamonds, will never fade, tarnish or grow cloudy. They are incredibly hard, sparkling and beautiful. In short, they are the real thing.

Gold halo diamond engagement ring

What are lab grown diamonds worth?

Well, it’s all about their extraordinary value, in terms of diamond size, quality and sustainability.

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diamond drop earrings with lab-grown diamonds

You may have noticed that mined diamonds have become more and more expensive over the last decade. In contrast, the wonderful thing about lab grown diamonds is that they have made luxurious engagement rings just that little bit more affordable for all of us. 

A lab-grown diamond offers way better diamond quality and up to 50% more carats for your budget. The savings come from the fact that no expensive mining and transportation is needed to produce them.

As an added benefit, because they are not extracted from the earth, lab-grown diamonds do not compromise our planet’s resources for future generations. In other words, their production saves the environment, instead of threatening it. 

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Are lab-grown diamonds much cheaper?

If you were hoping to nab a huge lab-grown diamond engagement ring at a low, low price, you will be disappointed. 

While the creation of lab-diamonds is more affordable than mining, it is still incredibly complex and time-consuming. In fact, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to create just a few lab diamonds. This makes them a rare luxury.

Therefore, if you are considering investing in a piece of lab-grown diamond jewellery, it’s always good to compare the same item side by side with a mined diamond equivalent. That’s when you will really start to appreciate their amazing value.

Wedding ring with lab grown diamonds

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Is a lab-grown diamond right for you?

Whatever type of diamond you decide to buy, mined or lab-grown, jewellery should always be a personal choice. Aim to pick a beautiful piece that speaks to you and that you’ll love wearing. This is especially true for engagement rings, which you’ll wear on your hand every day for life.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are both real diamonds – now you simply have more choice.

The Diamond Store, Lab Diamond Stud Diamond Earrings

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