Love, Commit, Celebrate with Stephen Einhorn Jewellery

At Stephen Einhorn we have been making beautiful things for interesting people since 1995. We wanted to make things of quality: classical but unique and stylish designs. Things which would stand the test of time whilst looking contemporary and modern. We saw a gap in the market for people who wanted a place to come where they could express themselves as individuals through their jewellery. We understood that the things people wear on their bodies tell the world something about who they are as a person. We wanted to help people tell that story.

And what is a wedding if not a love story? We specialise in jewellery for weddings because that jewellery is imbued with emotion, and we understand that. It is the expression of two people, rather than one, and the choice of jeweller is important. How we make our collections is as important to us as the finished product. We have a large workshop in London where we design and make absolutely everything we sell. We have a website which enables us to reach customers from all around the world who come to us for our bespoke work and our ready to wear collections. We want to be accessible.


Absolutely everything we make here can be customised to suit your needs. We can engrave, set small diamonds or coloured gemstones in all our pieces, modify and tweak: so that a design becomes truly your own. Our bespoke work is much admired. We have made pieces for people including Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Sacha Baron Cohen and worked in collaboration with world-renowned costume designers for large film studios such as Warner Brothers and Disney.

We pride ourselves on our unique designs and have made wedding bands to suit every aesthetic. Our collections boast delicate floral pieces which wrap effortlessly round your finger to chunky, solid rings which enter a room before their owner. We have an extensive collection of bridal, bridesmaid and best man jewellery which includes our stunning pearls and Thames Wood. And we make bespoke pieces in consultation with the needs and desires of our customers.

We firmly believe that choosing jewellery for your wedding should be as stress-free and pleasurable as possible. It is an experience, not merely a transaction. We get to know our customers, their tastes, their priorities. We have a beautiful London showroom where you can peruse our wares with a glass of champagne or good Italian coffee, and a zoom consultation service for people further afield. We care about what your jewellery means to you.

Ethics, sustainability, and care are cornerstones of our practice because we want people to feel proud of the jewellery gracing their fingers. We use only recycled metal, our beautiful diamonds have been verified by The Kimberley Process. We operate in a way which considers every aspect of our company something which has earned us the Butterfly Kite Mark for Positive Luxury.

We want to help our clients tell a positive story. People return to us again and again to mark the events in their lives, because they love what we do and the care we take doing it. They love our personal customer service, our designs, our flexibility. We have made rings for weddings, commitment ceremonies, anniversaries, jewellery to make births and birthdays, cufflinks to celebrate promotions and achievements. Life is a story. We can help write it.

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