Love My Dress – March Winner

The winner of our March 2012 Love My Dress competition is Caroline Worthington! We love her dress and her lovely story – read it below! Congratulations Caroline – you win the Guestbook!


Here I am in my wedding dress. There is quite a tale behind it … after lots of painful sessions in bridal shops around London and tears (on my part at this stage), I couldn’t find anything without bling or rouching. As I am marrying into a Spanish family, I checked out what Spain had to offer, and fell in love with this dress online. Trouble was that it came from the 2010 Rosa Clara range and was nowhere to be found! I enlisted my Spanish father-in-law-to-be who went on a mission: he charmed the good ladies of Rosa Clara head office in Barcelona. After daily phone calls, a dress was tracked down. Mum and I flew over in August to take a look – my Mum cried, I cried and we both knew it was “the one”! Six months later and the call came to go and collect the finished version – this time I took my sister (the bridesmaid) as well, and much fun was had as all three of us wined and dined our way round the city by way of celebration.

I can’t wait for the big day now on 4 May!”

A special mention goes to Nicola Freeman, who sends a shout-out to her best friend Lucy!

The first thing I did when I got engaged was sketch my ideal wedding dress on a scrappy piece of paper – V neck, stunning lace, off white with little sleeves. The second thing I did was buy every wedding magazine possible to find this ideal dress. Nothing was quite right. I scoured the bridal shops to see what I could find. Again nothing was quite right. I began to despair and then revisited a conversation I had with my best friend on the day I told her about my engagement. We went to university together and studied Costume Design. She had made her wedding dress a few years ago and had offered to do the same for me. She was pregnant with her first baby and I really didn’t want to ask her, but then she offered again and I couldn’t say no!

We had a fab time searching for lace all across London and found the perfect fabrics in Shepherds Bush. At this point I could start to see it all coming together. Lucy painstakingly made the dress over a period of about 6 months while bringing a new born into the world. I added to her troubles by loosing 4.5 stone!! There were some tricky moments but the dress came together beautifully. Lucy’s husband was the only other person to see the dress (I remember having to have his opinion on whether it was too low cut – how we laughed!!) until my Mum came with me a week before the wedding to pick the dress up and she loved it!

Wearing the dress on the day made me feel a million dollars. The waist nipped me in, the sleeves covered the wobbly bits, the champagne colour complimented the boys’ brown suits perfectly, the beading on the lace sparkled in the light, and the V neck made the most of my assets! My Mother-In-Law overheard one of the guests proclaim that she didn’t think she would be able to find a dress like it anywhere but it was what she wanted!!! I lost count of the oohs and ahhs and the amount of times people said ‘the lace is stunning.’ It was the perfect day!

My dress is now sadly boxed away in the loft now, but I found the scrap piece of paper with the design on the other day and my Mum and I couldn’t believe how spot on it was! I think I might frame it!

I would like to enter this competition to give my best friend the encouragement she needs to set up her business. She is amazing at what she does (her own dress was a master piece!) and deserves recognition for all her hard work and effort.”

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