Love My Dress – November Winner

‘Now I can’t tell you exactly why I love my dress… I just do! Whenever I have it on it just feels so right, no other dress compares!’ – the words of this month’s  Love My Dress Competition winner. Who doesn’t love their wedding dress? And we love hearing all your stories and looking at all your lovely pictures.  Congratulations to this month’s winner Joanna Phillips. Here’s her wedding dress story. 

‘I love my dress because…’ Joanna Phillips
“Now I can’t tell you exactly why I love my dress… I just do! Whenever I have it on it just feels so right, no other dress compares! I didn’t have any idea what I wanted from a dress but I knew that I didn’t want a typical A-line sweatheart dress that all my friends have worn, I wanted to feel special, different.
“I started the hunt for a dress with my mum and stepdad just because we had nothing better to do that weekend so had a trip to some bridal shops in town.  In the first shop where I had made an appointment I picked out and tried on several dresses of different types but nothing was right and saw no reaction from my mum (I’m her first and youngest daughter to get married so I expected some emotion) so I was already set to give up as I HATE shopping. I was then just walking past a bridal shop and the dress in the window was just glowing at me and I HAD to try it on.  Lucky for me the bridal shop had a cancellation and I could try on a few dresses (fate I think) so I picked out a few including the one from the window.  I tried them all on saving the window dress till last as it would be the 13th dress (my lucky number as Friday the 13th was the day I was born!).
“The second it was on it was like I was born to be in it, sample size was a perfect fit and it sat beautifully on my womanly figure.  The second my mum saw me in it she was in tears – the reaction I had been waiting for!  I knew there and then that it was the dress for me as I never imagined me as a princess but more a superstar and I feel like I can walk any red carpet (including the church aisle!) in my dress.  I just can’t wait to show it to the world and to my Husband.  The only thing I hate about my dress is having to wait another 7 months to wear it and the thought of not being able to wear it again after that.
So here is my dress, it’s Sable by Victoria Jane, I hope you love it half as much as I do x.”
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