The Most Searched For Celebrity Wedding Dresses of all Time

Celebrity weddings are full of glitz, glam, and all the things we dream of being able to have at our own wedding. It seems that getting a good look at our favourite celeb’s wedding dress is a popular pastime for many of us.

In case you hadn’t heard, we have seen some huge names tying the knot this year, including Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker, Britney Spears & Sam Asghari, and J-Lo & Ben Affleck. One of the first things many of us do when we hear of a celebrity wedding is to search for the dress and coo over every single detail.


Experts at decided to take a look the past 100 years to see which celeb wedding dresses have stood the test of time and remained the most googled wedding looks to this day.

The study also analysed the most popular dress designers among A-listers and which celebrities started the biggest bridal trends in history.

A spokesperson from said: “Celebrities are known for igniting huge trends and their wedding dresses are no exception. While today’s stars are no doubt leading the way, taking a close look at the historic dresses worn in the last 100 years, it is incredibly interesting to see how they originally started and which gowns are still popular in 2022.”

From Queen Elizabeth, to Amal Clooney and Paris Hilton, these are the most searched for wedding dresses of the century.

The most searched for wedding dress in the last 100 years

Hailey Baldwin-Bieber

Hailey Baldwin married Justin Bieber back in 2019 and wore Virgil Abloh gown that has become the most searched for wedding dress in history with 49,000 average monthly searches.

Hailey wore an off-the-shoulder lace fitted gown with bead and sequin floral detail. The lengthy veil had ‘TILL’ DEATH DO US PART’ embroidered into the bottom of the material which sent the internet and Beliebers across the world into a frenzy.

These are the dresses that followed closely behind

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is next on the list with 41,000 monthly searches for the Givenchy gown she wore to her 2018 wedding with Prince Harry. The dress was fit for a princess and Meghan even changed into an equally gorgeous gown after the ceremony for the next part of her day. We’re sure this classic and elegant dress will remain a top favorite for many years to come.

Ariana Grande

The world’s sweetheart, Ariana Grande, wore a Vera Wang gown when she tied the knot to Dalton Gomez.

The singer who is known for openly singing about her love life shocked fans when she had an intimate and private wedding at her home in Montecito in 2021. When Ariana eventually revealed pictures of her special day, the internet was blown away by her backless silk gown and short veil with a bow. To this day, the dress is searched a huge 40,000 times on average every month.

Kate Middleton

The world came to a standstill when Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their fairytale romance in 2011. Kate stunned the world in a custom Alexander McQueen floral lace gown, finished perfectly with a diamond encrusted tiara and veil. Kate’s wedding look is still searched for, on average, 40,000 times per month – proving how incredible Kate looked on this historical day.

Interestingly, royal wedding dresses prove to be exceedingly popular, with Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, Lady Kitty Spencer, Pippa Middleton, and Queen Elizabeth all making the list.

Alongside the modern-day celebrities we see on our social media feeds everyday, celebrity wedding looks such as that of Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn are still searched for a huge 7,000 times every month. Jackie Kennedy’s Ann Lowe wedding dress is still searched for over 4,900 times every month on average.

The Most Loved Celebrity Designer

Vera Wang

Vera Wang has taken the top spot for the most loved celebrity designer with huge celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey all wearing her bespoke bridal gowns. On average, Vera Wang designs are searched for over 65,250 times across the world every single month.

Givenchy and Valentino follow closely behind with 57,020 average monthly searches for Givenchy and 22,300 searches for Valentino across the world.

However, if you are wanting to emulate the celebrity wedding look, but are not sure on these often pricey designer brands, not all celebrities opted for couture designers on their big day. Beyoncé’s wedding dress was designed by her mother, while Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Priscilla Presley, and Michelle Obama all chose to wear ‘off the rack’ dresses.

The Original Trend Setters

Elizabeth Taylor

The internet went wild when Kourtney Kardashian stepped out in a corseted minidress on her wedding day in Italy. However, whilst the famous Kardashian sister starts lots of trends like shaking salads, the mini wedding dress trend started back in 1964. Elizabeth Taylor wore a yellow chiffon mini dress when she married Richard Burton on their big day nearly 60 years ago. Famous faces like Yoko Ono, Mia Farrow and Raquel Welch have also opted for this fun alternative.

Audrey Hepburn

The midi-length wedding dress is a popular choice for brides these days, it allows your shoes to be on full show and is perfect for dancing the night away; but in 1954, Audrey Hepburn was the first to ever do it.

Two years later in 1956, Marylin Monroe took some style tips from Audrey and opted for a dark brown suit with a midi skirt when she married New York Yankees star Joe DiMaggio.

Take a look for yourself at some of the incredible gowns celebrities have worn over the years and you might just have the perfect inspiration to achieve your own dream wedding look.

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