Alfred Angelo Style: JKT 707 |

Mother of the Bride Fashion Ideas

She’s the most important person in the room, and she knows all eyes will be on her…

Alfred Angelo Style: JKT 707 |
Alfred Angelo Style: JKT 707

No, not the bride – it’s MOTB – otherwise known as Mother of The Bride, and, honestly, girls, it’s worth remembering that this is her big day too. Making a fuss of Mum will pay dividends if you want a happy, relaxed, day, so make the effort and make her feel spoilt and beautiful too. After all, your groom will be looking at her to see just what you’ll be like in decades to come…


MOTB needs an outfit that will keep her looking fresh, fragrant and elegant all day long, from that walk that precedes you up the aisle, through the ceremony and the reception. Two piece suits work well for this, but look beyond the pastel jacket and skirt combo, for more modern alternatives that work hard and look chic for those all –important photo ops.

Think dresses and coats, a look made famous by Jackie O and more recently the flawless Michelle Obama whose neat, fitting shift dresses and A line coats in jewel colours are a perfect option for effortless day-long glamour.

Pastel shades are traditional but can drain an English complexion, so encourage MOTM to choose a shade that suits her skin tone and natural colouring. Black and white gives a monochrome edge and can be the perfect foil to the all –white bridal ensemble, and the new nudes – oyster grey, shell pink and soft ivory can look utterly chic when worn from top to toe. Avoid anything too low cut or short – flashing the flesh is never a good idea no matter how fab her figure – who can forget Sophia Loren stealing the thunder in bandage chic and cleavage revealing outfit teamed with enormous look – at – me hat?

Accessories are key and most MOTB’s feel the need for a hat. Help her with this. Hats look fabulous when well chosen, and really do add that finishing touch, but avoid anything too large – she’ll be expected to do lots of kissing and a huge brim can cause damage – or anything that makes her look like big bird on a bad day. Hats can be hired and it’s worth trying on several styles and considering whether she’s going to wear it all day or take it off for the reception – get her to decide on her hair style and have a run through before the ceremony.

High street stores like Monsoon, Debenhams and M&S have lots of gorgeous hats and fascinators in a cocktail of shades, so shop around and consider alternatives like embellished hair bands.

Shoes are important too – if she wants that top – to – toe look, get shoes dyed by Rainbow Club for that couture look, or choose classic courts in nudes or black and match to a chic bag just big enough for a camera, confetti and those all important MOTB essentials – lippie and tissues!

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