Madeline Isaac James 2013 Collection

One to Watch – Madeline Isaac James

One up and coming bridal designer whose name has been echoing around the design shows, emporiums and events this year is Madeline Isaac James aka Natalie Gladman. Confetti caught up with Natalie to talk about what’s hot for 2010/2011.

Madeline Isaac James 2013 Collection


Gowns by Madeline Isaac-James

I’ve always had a passion for design because…

I am able to help so many brides by creating gowns that they have always dreamt of; there is nothing that can beat the smile on a bride’s face when she has found the ‘one’.  Becoming a part of someone’s special day in such a personal and important way is an honour and I am privileged to be able to help so many brides look and feel wonderful on their wedding day.

My signature style is…

Elegant, timeless gowns that will remain true classics in years to come.

The inspiration behind my latest collection?

We have two new collections for 2011 – the Candlelit Collection is very 50’s inspired with lots of beautiful ball gowns in sumptuous silks and lashings of silk organza with Swarovski crystal accents.  The Starlet Collection is inspired predominantly by the 1920s and 1930s and is a glamorous, red carpet style collection finished in silk charmeuse and silk chiffons.  I have included a number of new silhouettes in these collections as brides come in all different shapes and sizes, so there is a gown to suit every bride.

The hottest dress around right now is…

A difficult choice to make! However, the ‘Charlize’ dress from our Starlet Collection is getting a lot of attention at the moment due to its trend-setting 1920’s look and feel, figure flattering silhouette and unusual swathing of silk chiffon.

The perfect wedding gown is…

…such a personal choice and different brides have different views as to what is ‘perfect’ for them.  However, my own personal opinion of the perfect wedding gown would be a beautiful full skirted gown with a fitted bodice – something that brings out the ‘inner princess’ in every bride.  It would most definitely be in white or ivory and would have an understated ‘sparkle’ with discreetly placed Swarovski crystals.  A woman can wear an evening gown with colour to many occasions in her life, but how many times really does she have the opportunity to wear a stunning ball gown in white or ivory (and what more special day to wear such a gown than on her wedding day?).  From my Candlelit Collection, I would choose the ‘Tuesday’ dress which also has the option of being worn with a contrasting ribbon if required.

The key to picking the perfect dress is…

To choose a gown that accentuates the bride’s figure in the most complimentary way and which the bride feels comfortable wearing.  I cannot stress enough the importance of working with wedding professionals in reputable bridal shops who are able to advise on gowns that will suit a bride’s body shape and that will ‘work’ for her specific wedding style and theme.  When picking a dress, I would advise all brides to keep as open a mind as possible and not dismiss a dress because it may not have ‘hanger appeal’.  Very often, the perfect dress can be one that the bride may not have picked but once on, she will change her mind as she looks so stunning!

You heard it here first: 2010-11 bridal-wear predictions are…

2011 Collections will be inspired by the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1950’s without doubt which will offer a host of different silhouettes to suit all body shapes.  They will be characterized by their timeless, classic look proving that sometimes less is more.  We will see a return to more dresses with straps and detachable shoulder wraps rather than strapless gowns forming the majority of collections.  Strapless dresses will however remain popular, but will come with the option of pretty little jackets and cover-ups.

Keep this in mind when choosing your dress…

Keep an open mind and be prepared to try on different silhouettes.  Work with your wedding professional and be honest about how you feel in a particular dress.  If there is a part of your body that you love and want to emphasise, tell your wedding professional (and equally if there is an area that you’re not so keen to draw attention to, tell her).  That way you can both work together to find a gown that will suit your body shape, your personality and the style of your wedding.

Dream bride to style…

I would love to style Mezhgan Hussainy.  She is a very strong, well groomed woman whose early experiences have shaped her views and attitude to life – but never letting her early experiences act as a barrier to her success.  As well as being extremely successful, she works extremely hard to educate and raise awareness of the troubles and horrors which have occurred in her homeland, working with different organisations to help re-build schools and hospitals in Afghanistan.  I love the idea of her getting married in different locations, each with a very different feel.  This has some synergy with my 2011 Collections which, whilst being inspired by specific eras, are all quite eclectic and suit many different kinds of weddings.

How I’d style them for winter or spring 2011… (accessory tips please)

I love winter and spring weddings (having got married myself in March) and I love the crispness and the scope of winter and early spring weddings.  For a bride getting married in a location where she would subsequently travel to the reception venue, I love the idea of her wearing a beautiful silk bridal coat over her bridal gown.  We are introducing a fabulous long silk coat with detachable faux fur accents in our 2011 Collection that looks fabulous over all of our gowns and which will add an extra dimension to the bride’s outfit.  Accessories as ever, are highly important and I would take the lead on which accessories to choose according to how the bride is being styled.  There are some fabulous pieces available from many accessory designers – but I personally love vintage inspired headbands and tiaras with stunning bracelets and necklaces also available.

The best thing about bridal design is…

Being in the privileged position of being able to set trends for the next season but most importantly being able to provide possibly the most important and special dress that anyone will ever wear, and seeing how one of our gowns can transform a bride – making her feel very confident and helping her look absolutely stunning!

The next big bridal designer will be… Madeline Isaac-James of course!

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