Pastel Bridesmaids Dresses And Accessories

If you’re looking for the perfect colour pallet for your bridesmaids this spring, then look no further than this year’s hottest wedding trend, pastel! Using the inspiration from the amazing catwalk from The National Wedding Show, we show you how your maids can wear the soft warm hues of spring on your big day.  From adorable corals to refreshing mints, you’re sure to find the perfect pastel shade that will compliment your maids and your big day.

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The Colour

This year the bridal catwalks were inundated with adorable shades of lilacs, mints, corals, and yellows. Using one colour looks amazing, there is no doubt about it; but pushing the boat out and adding two or three different hues will look breathtaking!  If you love the idea of having your maids in different colours, a pastel palette is the way to go. Using darker shades of purple, blues and greens don’t always work together as a team. Pastel colours always work well together and there isn’t a shade no one will like. Ask your girls what they prefer, let them pick a colour that will work for them, whether that’s to suit their skin tone, hair colour and even personality.

Pastel Bridesmaids Ideas | The National Wedding Show catwalk |

Mix It Up

Although it’s traditional to have your maids in the same length, to really make a statement with your girls in 2015 try mixing up the style with different lengths and even textures. Picking dresses that are different lengths not only looks amazing but the variation in sizes will fit your girls perfectly, your bridesmaids will truly appreciate you giving them the opportunity to dress to suit their shape and to suit their own personal style. If you want to take this look one step further, try using different textures. By adding ruffles with light flowing fabric, you will create a beautiful illusion that will reflect the season.

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Featured above: Pronovias| David’s Bridal | Alexia Designs

The Accessories

Pastel shades don’t have to stop with the dresses, you should also incorporate them into their accessories. Shoes in pastel shades of blues and pinks look wonderful under dresses of a contrasting or matching colour. If you’re looking for something feminine and unique, our floral parasols are the must have accessory. The beautiful design not only makes the perfect bouquet alternative, but also makes for the perfect prop for your wedding album.

When it comes to picking the flowers for bouquets, mirror that shade in pastels. Alternatively, darker shades of the same colour will make the flowers stand out. If your bridesmaids are going to be in different shades, then your best option will be to select one type of flower in a neutral colour. Baby’s breath works beautifully with  any pastel shade, for instance.

Pastle Shoes for your Bridesmaids |
Featuring: Pastel pep toe shoes from Rainbow Club
Pastel Bridesmaids Acessory | Floral Parasol |
Featured: Paper Parasol With Vintage Floral Print

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