Red Wedding Dress Cherry by Rosa Couture|
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Red Wedding Dresses Rock

A red wedding dress makes a real statement. And not the ‘scarlet woman’ type of statement from your grandma’s era. Red gowns are only for the most outgoing and confident brides. Here’s our pick of the latest stylish red wedding dresses around and seven reasons why you should wed in red.

Red Wedding Dress by Eternity Bride style no. D5221 |
Ball gown by Eternity Bride style no. D5221

1. Red is dramatic

It’s a colour that says “I am bold”. It says “I’m a woman who knows what I want.” A red gown speaks volumes before anyone has even seen your face. If you want a show-stopping wedding dress, choose red.

2. Red is sexy

It’s a seriously sexy colour, the shade of a deep, fiery passion that burns like fire and all the romantic connotations that go with that image. It’s fitting therefore to marry the love of your life in the colour of burning passion. And have him take it off you at the end of the night…

Red Wedding Dress Cherry by Rosa Couture|
Fishtail gown Cherry by Rosa Couture

3. Red is alternative

If you’re a bride who loves to be different and express your personal style then wearing red on your wedding day is for you. A black wedding dress gives more a gothic bridal look but red sends out happier, more joyful, sexy and exciting vibes. It makes a statement all of its own.

4. Red is flattering

Red is, for many brides, a more flattering colour to wear than the now traditional white or ivory. It’s a colour that lifts the complexion and whatever your skin tone, there is a shade of red that will suit blondes and brunettes, those with a tan and even more so those without. If you are a redhead who believes you can’t wear red, you can if you find the right shade and it will look stunning.

Red Wedding Dress Cherry by Rosa Couture |
Fishtail gown Cherry by Rosa Couture

5. Red is slimming

Wearing a deep red will give the illusion of a slimmer figure than an ivory or light coloured gown. Choose a corsetted ball gown to bring in your waist even further. An A line style is also very flattering to most figures.

6. Red is lucky

Wearing red is said to be lucky by the Chinese who believe it symbolises good fortune and joy . Red is traditionally the symbolic colour of happiness and therefore perfect for a wedding.

Red Wedding Dress by Ladybird style 516105 |
Ladybird sheath dress style 516105

7. Red is easy to accessorise

When it comes to wedding themes, you will find it a lot easier to theme your wedding in red than in an obscure aqua marine or unusual shade of mauve. Not only will white and ivory go perfectly against any shade of red for your flowers, there is a vast range of red wedding accessories and table decorations available too.

 Red Wedding Dress by Ladybird style 516121 |
Ladybird short style 516121

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