Stunning choli backs: inspirations from the catwalk

Strapless, halter or tie‐up – which style is right for you?

Once you have decided the general style of your wedding outfit, the next concern is usually the neckline and the back. The Indian choli or short top worn with either sari or lehenga is a versatile garment, which can be adapted to a variety of styles.


The back of the top is important because it is the one area of the body which Asian brides can afford to be revealing in. The sari or the dupatta can be used to cover the head or the chest area, while still showing off a beautiful back. For this reason, getting the back of your choli exactly right is essential. Interesting and well‐designed backs also add to the overall style of the bridal sari or lehenga.

Take inspiration from some of the latest styles for choli backs:


Spaghetti strap

The back is usually straight or slightly shaped, and supported by thin, delicate straps.


The scoop is a deep U‐shaped back, which is often cut quite low and is similar on the front of the dress.

Halter neck

The halter neck features straps which join at the back of the neck. This design usually has a very low cut back, so it is best worn without a bra.



The strapless back is usually figure‐hugging and is perfect for showing off well‐toned shoulders.



This dramatic style is different on the left and right of the bodice. This style works for the bride who doesn’t need to wear a bra.

Off the shoulder

The broad sweeping off‐the‐shoulder style works particularly well with saris and can look extremely elegant.



As the name suggests, this back consists of thin strips of matching fabric that are used to fasten the top. This is a traditional Indian style which has recently made a comeback.


Single strap

A thin, delicate strap holds together this fragile looking top, but can be made all the more interesting with a matching detail from the outfit.


This is a made to order style, requiring careful cutwork embroidery to match the outfit and should be tailored to the exact shape for best effect.

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