The Beauty of the Backdrop Necklace

Is your wedding gown strapless, or does it have a low back? Would you like to try something fun and unusual for your bridal jewellery? If yes, then a back-drop necklace may be just what you are looking for. Quite often what the back of the dress will look like is one of the last things a bride will think about, says Debbie of Debbie Graham Jewellery.

Back Necklace by Debbie Graham Jewellery


Your wedding dress is strapless or backless and your hair is styled in an up-do to reveal your neck, shoulders and the curve of your back for all to see as you take your vows. The beautiful and unusual bridal back-drop necklace could be just what you’ve been looking for to add that finishing touch.

Think sleek 1930s-style bridal gowns with elegant low backs and long shimmering jewelled necklaces. The back-drop necklace is an alternative piece of bridal jewellery that makes a unique style statement and gives your guests something of exquisite beauty to focus on as your back is to them for the duration of your ceremony. Quite often the back of the wedding dress is one of the last things a bride will think about and yet the guests get to see it a lot on the big day!

Bridal jewellery is often chosen based on how embellished the gown is – some have a simplicity of design and fabric that just begs for jewellery, while others are very ornate and don’t need to be decorated any further. The back of the dress doesn’t often get as much attention – and adding a back-drop necklace will complete your whole look in a way that most other brides have not even thought of. And for something extra special, a bespoke jewellery designer can make a back-drop necklace to match the detailing on your dress and incorporate your own personal style to make it an heirloom piece to pass on to your daughter and her daughter’s daughter for years to come.

There are three options to choose from, depending on your taste, preference, and your style of gown.

The long back-drop necklace: a full necklace, front and back, designed to drop down at the back – for example, closer to the neck at the front, and then hanging down the back to any length you find most suitable.

The back-drop jewel: if you already have a necklace, you may have a back-drop jewel attached to it, which can be made to match your necklace and of any length.

The cascading jewel effect: If you are not wearing a necklace at all, perhaps when your gown already has a lot of detailing at the front or a high neckline, then you may want to  choose a back-drop piece only, which attaches to your gown across the back, cascading down to the length of your choice. This is done with tiny clasps on the inside of your dress, so all you see is the beautiful jewels.

With a backless or cut-away wedding dress and your hair in an up-do, your back will be exposed and your gorgeous back-drop necklace will be seen by everyone as you float down the aisle, and later as you dance the night away.

All necklaces shown below are made by Debbie Graham Jewellery.

Back Drop Necklaces by Debbie Graham

Back Drop Necklaces by Debbie Graham

Visit Debbie Graham Jewellery for more styles of bridal bracelets, necklaces, back necklaces, and headpieces. Debbie is a jewellery artist, making all the jewellery bespoke in her Yorkshire studio.

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