The Good Bra Guide

Underwear can make or break an outfit so it is imperative that you get it right for your big day! A well fitted bra should feel comfortable and secure and enhance your assets, whilst remaining invisible and seamless so that your dress and not your boobs are centre of attention!

Step 1: Have a Fitting

Kate Middleton’s bra fitter, June Kenton, claims that 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and with most department stores and lingerie shops offering free bra fittings, there really is no excuse not to get measured. Bear in mind that bra fit and sizing varies from brand to brand so don’t assume your bra size will be the same everywhere you go.
We know it can be daunting stripping down for a stranger, but most commonly measurements are taken over your bra so you don’t actually have to get your boobs out!! Finding a bra that is the perfect fit really can be life changing, and remember this is their job – they’ve seen it all before and aren’t judging you. Ask for style recommendations and don’t be afraid to double check the size with a bra fitter if it’s not quite looking right.
The most classic fit ting mistakes are buying bras that are too big around the back or too small in the cup. The right bra should not dig in or ride up the back, but sit comfortably straight round your back. The cup should not create a bulge in the breast or gape at the front.


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Step 2: Choose a Style

Your bra provides the foundation for your dress, so you need to consider which bra is appropriate for what you’re wearing. With a vast array of bra styles now available, from push-ups and backless designs to minimisers and multi-way straps, there are bras for nearly all styles of dresses.

Here are a few examples of the kind of bra styles to choose depending on the style of your dress.

Strapless Bra
Sincerity | Marks and Spencers
Plunging Neckline Bras |
(Left to right, top to bottom) Justin Alexander | Wonderbra | Bien Savvy | Wonderbra
Stick on Bra |
Ellis Bridal | Boux Avenue
Backless Bras
(left to right, top to bottom) Madison James | Simply Be | Pronovias | Next


Step 4: Check that it’s Comfortable

Once you’ve found a style that you like, make sure that it’s comfortable and that everything will stay in the right place when moving around. Raise your arms, have a dance and take a seat to test how the bra holds and feels in all these situations. The sitting test is particularly important if you choose a bustier as the bodice may dig into your stomach or thighs making it very uncomfortable during the wedding breakfast!

The Good Bra Guide |
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Step 3: Choose a Colour

Whilst it is tempting to opt for a white or ivory bra to match your dress, if the dress fabric is sheer, a white bra will probably show through. We appreciate that a nude bra is not the sexiest option, but it is definitely your best choice for a seamless look. The same goes for prints, patterns or lace – keep your bra as plain and as simple as possible to ensure it’s streamline. Save the fancy underwear for the evening!

When Not to Wear a Bra

In some cases it is actually recommended not to wear a bra with your wedding dress. Now we know this will be unfathomable for some, but for those that aren’t fazed it’s worth giving it a go. If your dress is well boned and corseted, a bra (particularly if it’s padded) can affect the fit of the bust. With all the support of a structured dress you shouldn’t actually need that extra support from a bra either. For an uplift just pop in a couple of chicken fillets!
The other case in which a bra is probably best avoided is if your dress has no structure and has an open back and a plunging neck. With so much flesh on show it’s unlikely that you’ll find a bra that’s discreet enough, and stick-on chicken fillets may fall out – not a good look! Stick to tit tape and nipple covers which will provide security and discretion.

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