Top tips for stunning shoes

Your wedding shoes should complete your outfit, not dominate it

This is a tricky one for all those of us who haven’t minded what old jeans we’ve worn as long as we’ve had a fabulous pair of boots on the end of our legs. However, as much as you love shoes and aren’t so keen on dresses, people will probably notice the latter before the former. So try not to accessorise a Vera Wang sheath dress with a pair of Vivienne Westwood royal blue ribbon tie platform shoes…

Do be careful with delicate dresses and beaded shoes

That beautiful decoration on the toes of your shoes shouldn’t be a trap for the delicate lace on the hem of your dress. Make sure they won’t catch on each other — at best it will annoy you and at worst, trip you up!

Do wear them in

You don’t want to get blisters, find out you can’t walk in them or worse, slip over because the soles are too shiny. Slip a pair of old socks over shoes while wearing them around the house. If the soles are slippery, rough them up a bit using a fork. (Do this after you’ve definitely decided you don’t need to take them back!)

Most fabric shoes can be dyed

If you can’t find the exact colour don’t despair — many companies offer a bespoke dying service. Look for one near you in our supplier directory.

Not only do wedding shoes need to complement your dress and accessories, they also have to work pretty hard. Here are some tips on buying a pair that will look great — and not give you blisters on your big day…

If you’re wearing open toe sandals, wear bare feet or sandal tights

There’s nothing more off-putting than a nice thick nylon seam across the toes — unless it’s an unpedicured set of tootsies. Make sure nails are trimmed, neat and painted — this is a good place to have your something blue!

Don’t wear a heel more than an inch higher than you usually wear

Apart from the fact you will be on your feet practically all day, wearing a higher heel than usual will compress your calf muscles and make your legs ache as well as your feet. Remember, you might be expected to dance the night away!

Don’t wear leather with a dress

Leather shoes, unless they have very thin little straps, just look too clumpy with most dresses and evening suits. Fabric — silk or satin — shoes are much more appropriate, as are shiny or diamante pairs.

Do take your shoes to your dress fitting

Once you’ve decided on your dress style and colour, you can safely purchase your shoes. But, just as it makes sense to try on your dress with the appropriate lingerie, then you should try on your dress with your shoes. You don’t want to find out that you had your dress made just too short or too long, and you either trip over it or show an unflattering amount of ankle.

Do make sure you can walk in them

Firstly, ensure they are not going to slip off with every second step, or need constant adjusting. If you aren’t comfortable in something, don’t wear it — it will show. Secondly, check they don’t make any weird sounds when you walk. You don’t want to make annoying clicking or slopping noises all the way down the aisle!

Do feel free to have two pairs of shoes

If you want to have one pair to walk down the aisle and have your photos taken in, and another for the reception, go ahead! Many brides nowadays change into a more comfortable shoe — or even trainers — for the reception

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