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Traditional Wedding Jewellery and Accessories for Him and Her

From the bride’s bouquet to the groom’s boutonnière, the couple can enjoy wonderful embellishments on their wedding day. A lot of couples strive to have matching designs or colours across their accessories too, which makes for a wonderful harmonized look. So here are some of our favourite traditional wedding jewellery and accessories for him and her.

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Traditionally, the bride tends to have far more choice concerning headwear. Wedding veils seem to be the norm, for they come in a range of lengths and styles depending on fashion and culture. Similar to the veil is a decorative net or art deco style bonnet, which also come in an array of designs. But many brides also opt for headpieces such as tiaras, headbands, hair clips and combs. For the groom, there doesn’t tend to be any jewellery headwear pieces available, so the groom and his groomsmen typically wear hats.

Head-wear for the bride and groom |
Head-wear for the bride and groom, including veils, tiaras, hats, and headpieces.

Above, clockwise from the top-left: Scalloped Edge and Embroidery Veil | Garden Tiara in Silver with White Pearls | Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Enchantment Headdress by Fabledreams | Top Hats by Stephen Bishop Menswear

The style of headwear depends on your desired theme, and the bride could wear a hat if she wished too. But the wearing of hats and fascinators are usually left to the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and other female wedding guests.

Face and Neck

For the face and neck, the groom is well-known in western culture to wear a classic necktie or bowtie, and no other jewellery except a tie clip. Ties, coming in all manner of colours and materials, will fit any wedding. There is also the option of wearing a cravat.

Groom's bow tie and bride's necklace and earrings |
Bow tie, necklace and earrings wedding accessories for the bride and groom.

Above, a groom’s bow tie by DQT Menswear and a bride’s necklace and earrings from Chrissie and James’ Red Themed Real Wedding

Often the bride completes her look with a pretty set of earrings and a necklace, and in some cultures facial jewellery like nose piercings are common too. Like with headwear, the chosen wedding theme (and personal taste) goes a long way in helping the bride decide on the style—some pieces of jewellery are rather discreet, and others are far more overt. Some brides even wear a garland around their neck.


On the torso, grooms can wear buttonholes, pocket squares and handkerchiefs. Depending on personal choice, these pocket squares and handkerchiefs can be purely decorative or intended for use. They are available in a variety of colours, designs and patterns and are an ideal way to inject personality and personalisation into groomswear.

Pocket handkerchiefs and brooches for the bride and groom |
Groom’s pocket handkerchiefs and bride’s brooches as wedding accessories.

Above, a pocket handkerchief and boutonnière by Hugh Harris Formal Menswear, and a Vintage Snowflake Brooch from our shop. 

For more a  traditional look, the bride may opt for a brooch. Brooches come in all shapes and sizes, and can fit any theme or colour scheme. They can be used for anything, be it accessorising a jacket, the wedding dress, or the bouquet. Also, some couples dress in bright, rich fabrics covered in gems and sequins, which makes for a truly striking wedding look.

Arms, Wrists, and Hands

On his wrists, the groom traditionally wears cufflinks, and such a small and simple accessory works wonders to add style and decoration. Available in a range of styles and materials, from plain silver or gold to intricate engraved, bejwelled or rhinestone-studded options. The groom might also wear a wristwatch as a finishing touch, but the more traditional wedding watch option for a groom is a classic pocketwatch.

Wrist wedding accessories for the bride and groom - bracelet, cufflinks, corsage, watch
Wrist wedding accessories for the bride and groom, including bracelets, corsages, cufflinks, and watches.

Above, clockwise from the top-left: Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Enchantment Cuff by Fabledreams | Personalised Onyx Cufflinks and Personalised Silver Square Cufflinks | Brushed Silver Pocket Watch | Wedding Corsage by Sarah’s Flowers

The bride often wears a bracelet, and these too come in numerous styles. You may want a simple band, or a chain with pretty dangling charms.

Bride and Groom Holding Hands |
The most important wedding accessory of them all: wedding rings!

But the most important accessories for the bride and the groom are the wedding rings! The giving of rings is a traditional part of the wedding ceremony! No doubt a lot of thought and consideration has gone into choosing your engagement rings and your wedding rings such as deciding on the metals, gems, engravings, etc.


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