Wedding dresses from TV shows

The Best Wedding Dresses from Your Favourite TV Shows

Ever wanted to compare Monica from Friends’ wedding dress to Jess’s from New Girl?

Thanks to ethical engagement ring company Ingle & Rhode, you now can. They’ve scoured 21 of the most popular TV shows from the 1990s to now to showcase the best TV brides.


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Ingle & Rhode has also compiled some trivia about the TV wedding dresses too – scroll down to find out about your favourite TV bride’s dress, whether it’s Serena van der Woodsen’s gold beauty or Lady Mary’s from Downton Abbey.

TV Bride wedding dresses

TV Bride Trivia

Downton Abbey Wedding Dress Facts

  • Lady Mary Crawley’s wedding dress cost $6,000 to make and her ensemble included a 45 carat tiara, valued at $200,000.
  • Lady Edith’s wedding dress for her called-off wedding to Sir Anthony Strallan was inspired by Lanvin and featured handstitched applique – with a dress that incredible, it’s a shame the wedding didn’t go ahead!
  • Lady Rose’s wedding dress for her marriage to Atticus Aldridge was an actual 100 year old gold beaded dress that had never been worn before.

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Game of Thrones Wedding Dress Facts

  • Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding dress featured dragon crest dress pins.
  • Sansa Stark wore a gold coloured wedding dress, for her season three wedding, which is the colour of the Lannisters rather than the Starks.
  • For her season five wedding to Ramsay, Stansa had a fur collar that was designed to represent the fur worn by her father and brothers.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wedding Dress Facts

  • Buffy wore a Vera Wang wedding dress – and Vera also made Sarah Michelle Gellar’s real life wedding dress for her marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr.

Mad Men Wedding Dress Facts

  • The dress Margaret Sterling wears in season three actually belonged to the mother of the costume designer!

Friends Wedding Dress Facts

  • Rachel’s wedding dress in the very first episode was picked out of the Warner Bros existing stock in their costume department.
  • The actress who played Emily was actually pregnant, so the neckline of the dress had to be changed and a jacket needed to be added to balance the silhouette.
  • Monica had a dress created by a designer, but it didn’t fit so they ended up using an off-the-rack gown from House of Bianchi.

Sex and the City Wedding Dress Facts

  • Charlotte York’s Vera Wang wedding dress for her marriage to Trey cost $14,000.
  • By contrast, Carrie’s famous Vivienne Westwood dress cost just over $5,000.

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