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How to Use One Wedding Dress for Multiple Wedding Themes

Your wedding dress and your wedding theme will be two of the biggest things on your mind as you go about planning your wedding. So you may be wondering if your dress will fit with your theme and worrying that you can’t get your dress until you decide on your theme, or vice versa. But you can use one wedding dress for multiple wedding themes if you choose your decoration and accessories right.

Eternity Bride Collection Wedding Dress D5196 front, side and back |
Glamourous bride and white appliqué wedding dress – style D5196 from Eternity Bride.

Above: Eternity Bride Collection, dress style D5196 from the front, back, and close up.

Featuring Eternity Bride’s dress, style D5196, we’ll show you how one dress can fit the three themes, Classic Ivory and Gold, Contemporary Vintage, and Art Deco, with a choice selection of items and accessories.

Classic Ivory and Gold

Ivory and gold is a beautiful and traditional wedding theme and colour scheme. It’s simple but elegant and is very easy to accessorise. This theme can be minimalist or elaborate, but either way it looks gorgeous.

Classic ivory and gold wedding theme with Eternity Bride's dress style D5196 |
Get the look with Confetti’s Classic Ivory and Gold shop products.

Classic weddings can be held anywhere, from churches, hotels, country houses—wherever you want. But this theme really comes alive in an open space filled with light.

For this theme we have white or ivory items with hints of gold—smooth and clean-cut with ribbon and lace and pearls. With the ornate gold detailing on Eternity Bride’s dress, these colours go perfectly and can be spread across your entire wedding celebration from flowers and decorations to jewellery, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding favours.

From our shop we’ve chosen an assortment of lace through our Drawstring Bag, Rolled Fabric Lace Flowers, and Votive Candle Holder with Embossed Lace Embellishment. After all, lace is a traditional wedding fabric just as classic ivory and gold is one of the most popular wedding themes. Pearls are a very pretty accessory too, going together beautifully with white ribbon and metals in our Couture Brooch Bridal Bouquet and incorporated in the design of our ornate Pearls and Vintage Gold Wire Floral Mini Ring. Ivory and gold are such easy colours to use throughout your wedding, even on small accessories like our Disposable Wedding Camera and Wine Romance Stationery Tags.

Contemporary Vintage

Contemporary vintage is all of the allure of vintage but with none of the expense—items are newly made but recreate an aged, antique effect.

Eternity Bride dress D5196 with contemporary vintage accessories and decorations |
Get the look with Confetti’s Contemporary Vintage shop products.

Vintage weddings are at home in historic venues such as castles and manor houses. But because contemporary vintage is like new vintage, there’s all manner of possibility with what angle you might take—you can have a garden picnic wedding reception in a meadow or under a marquee, or host a tea party under light-strung trees or in a glass greenhouse.

To demonstrate contemporary vintage, we chose products that have a tarnished, old-school look made of wood and bronze-effect—like our Vintage Key Stationery Card Holder. It looks wonderful when laid upon textured materials like lace and hessian and burlap. Our Jewel-Footed Wooden Boxes, Vintage Display Draws and Floral Detail Stationery Holders come complete with an aged finish. Add some fresh or dried flowers to add a pale splash of colour. We also chose a Vintage-Inspired Hollywood Deco Headdress and Antique Lace Hand Fan as gorgeous bridal accessories. The sparkle of crystals and the detail of lace are both a beautiful and traditional look for this wedding theme. Strings of pearls as jewellery or wedding decor add a great finishing touch.

Elaborate patterns add life and complexity to all vintage decorations, and warm glows of candle light from lights such as our Bell-Shaped Glass Tealight Holders  make this theme that much richer. Alongside our featured dress, with its lace appliqué and gold detail, this contemporary vintage theme looks perfect.

Art Deco

Art Deco is characterised by its rich colours and geometric, symmetrical shapes. It’s a theme that echoes the lavish Roaring Twenties with its glamourous twists of vintage.

Art deco wedding theme favours and accessories with Eternity Bride's D5196 dress style |
Get the look with Confetti’s Art Deco shop products.

Wedding venues well-suited to art deco themes include luxurious mansions and ballrooms. Here, the settings speak for themselves and will dazzle your guests through period Jazz Age splendour.

From our shop we chose white-silver Beaded Garlands that are perfect as hangings from chandeliers or chair backs, golden Art Deco Cylinder Boxes, and Mini Martini Glasses with decorative Metallic Gold Chevron “Sipper” Straws. Black, white, gold, silver and bronze metallics add a touch of class to your art deco wedding and look beautiful as wedding decoration.

With this theme comes close attention to detail, so no small element is wasted when decorating your wedding. Table accessories like our Miniature Phantom Chairs look even better with a Black and Gold Opulence Mini Diecut Sticker and black, glitter-tipped Feather Tag, so use your imagination to get more out of every item. Our Parisian Love Letter Large Paper Scroll Shapes are fantastic when put together with Paper Blooms and White Pearl Brads, and our Vintage Typewriter is completed with its matching Card.


So, when it comes to deciding on your wedding dress or your wedding theme it depends a lot on what you’re looking for. Not all wedding dresses will be suitable for multiple wedding themes, but some, as seen here, definitely will.

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