Vintage Wedding Accessories

Buying a real antique wedding dress can be costly. Don’t let this get you down. With the help of some vintage wedding accessories, you too can create an amazing aged look!

Family Heirlooms

The first place to look for some vintage wedding accessories is your family. Family antiques hold sentimental value as well as looking fantastic. You don’t need to borrow your great grandma’s pearls; a small trinket can hold just as many memories. You can find family heirlooms from all over the place!


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Ask your grandparents to borrow some of their jewellery; they will be flattered that you want to wear it. Your partner’s grandparents would be touched if you wanted to wear their wedding accessories and can win you brownie points with their family.

Don’t be scared to ask your family if you can borrow some heirlooms, you’d be amazed what your parents might have sat in the loft. Also be sure to ask your aunts and uncles if they have anything that you can borrow; your family will really pitch to help make your big day perfect.

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You may have lost people that you would really want at your wedding, incorporate what those special people left you; it’s a lovely way to include their memory. It doesn’t matter what it is they left you, you can find a way to include even the silliest inheritance

Antique Shops

To find some great vintage wedding accessories head out to some antique shops. You can find so much shabby jewellery that just needs some TLC to make it look beautiful again. Charity shops are a cheaper option and you know that your money is going to a good place.

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If you start going to charity shops and antique shops, you can pick up some hidden gems at incredibly low prices. These shops get new stock pretty frequently; keep checking back at these shops to find something truly amazing. Remember that the prices are suggestions and the owners tend to be open to haggling, so you can really get some great deals!

Distressed Jewellery

If you’re a DIY bride, then you should try creating your own vintage wedding accessories. Distress your jewellery and they’ll gain a shabby chic look. Simply take some cheap jewellery and smash it!

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Break out your tools and get ready to have some fun with your jewellery. There are so many ways that you can age jewellery and all of them are fun; hammers, pliers, sand paper or even fire. Make sure that you use cheap jewellery; you’re probably going to break them on your first try. Bend the wires of your tiara, remove gems from your necklace and just go wild!

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