Wedding attire for the mother of the bride

Choosing your mother of the bride’s outfit can be a headache, let Confetti make it easier for you with our comprehensive guide.

Chances are you’re just as excited about looking fabulous on the big day as the bride is. Read on to help you choose the perfect wedding day outfit.


Other than the bride, there’s one person everyone has got their eye on at a wedding – the mother of the bride. You’ll be on show on your daughter’s wedding day, from walking down the aisle to meeting, greeting and mingling at the reception. No wonder choosing your outfit is so important. Here are a few tips to help you find something that will both look fantastic and suit the occasion.

Confer and co‐ordinate!

As part of the wedding party, it’s important to work together with the bride, bridesmaids, and mother of the groom to achieve a coordinated look that will work well for photographs and with the overall theme and colour scheme of the wedding. The first thing to remember as mother of the bride is not to strike out on your own.

Obviously, you’ll ultimately choose your own outfit, but you should consult your daughter, and let the mother of the groom know what you plan to wear. This will avoid the two of you turning up in clashing colours or, even worse, the same thing.

Stick to wedding etiquette

Some traditions should always be adhered to – one of the most important being that, unless you’re the bride or unless the bride requests it, wearing white or cream is absolutely out of the question. Equally, as mother of the bride, it would be considered a little tasteless to wear anything too revealing or slinky. There’s a time and a place for cleavage, and your daughter’s wedding ceremony isn’t it!

Think comfort

Whatever you choose to wear will have to work hard on the day of the wedding. As mother of the bride you’ll no doubt be rushing around a little as well as attending the ceremony, sitting down to eat and dancing the night away! So, it goes without saying that as well as looking good, you need to feel good. Steer clear of uncomfortable shoes or a skirt that’s too tight and opt for something that makes you feel great.

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