Wedding dress with sleeves by Galia Lahav |

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves: Why You Should Wear One

Wedding dresses with sleeves are so much more than just a style statement. If you’re looking for a gown to keep you warm for a winter wedding or cover upper arms, a bridal gown with amazing sleeves is the answer. Here are some of the latest, most stylish designs.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Eliza Jane Howell |
Eliza Jane Howell

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Whether elegant long sleeves, vintage style angel sleeves, pretty cap sleeves, or amazing princess puff sleeves, if you’re looking for a wedding dress with added interest and grace then wear sleeves! This is the fashion statement of today, and there are sleeves to suit every bride.


Angel Sleeves

Angel sleeves is the term given to any sleeves that are not fitted to the arm, but instead, give an almost angel wing feel. They tend to be seen most often on vintage style dresses and usually made of sheer fabric. This dress by Eliza Jane Howell has an angelic look to it thanks to the amazing pleated sheer angel sleeves.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Eliza Jane Howell |
Eliza Jane Howell

The recent royal weddings of both Prince William and Prince Harry have seen both their brides in wedding dresses with sleeves. Meghan Markles’s wedding dress featured a bateau neckline and elegant long sleeves. It seems to have started a fashion for sleeves that we haven’t seen in many years.

Meghan Markle's wedding dress |
Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

Long Sleeves

This mermaid dress by Galia Lahav is made of embroidered French lace with a rose motif and embellished with beads and crystals. The long sleeves are sheer and embroidered like the rest of the dress, giving it a gorgeous streamlined effect overall. The demure high neckline and long sleeves are offset by the sheer fabric of the gown, giving this dress a daring look.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Galia Lahav |
Galia Lahav 

This elegant, fitted crepe dress by Justin Alexander is very similar to Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, now the Duchess of Sussex, with its simple, elegant long sleeves and bateau neckline.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Justin Alexander |
Justin Alexander

Short Sleeves

Any sleeve that ends above the elbow is a short sleeve. They tend to be more for style than for arm coverage and come in many different styles. The short lace sleeves on this gown by Galia Lahav are delicate and feminine and a chic addition to the dress.

Wedding dress with sleeves by Eliza Jane Howell |

Sheer Sleeves

Sheer, transparent sleeves can give the illusion of being sleeveless while still having some thin coverage for your arms. Adding an embellishment to sheer sleeves as with this amazing dress by Narces adds even more interest to the design.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Narces |

Mid-Length Sleeves

Mid-length and three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for anyone who wants to cover upper arms. Mid-length sleeves can disguise flabby ‘bingo wings’ in a pretty way, accentuating the lower, slimmer forearm. They can be the most flattering style of sleeve for plus size brides or for anyone who doesn’t want to wear either a sleeveless dress or long sleeves.

Alternative wedding dresses by Prea James |

Unsusual Sleeves

Sheer, frilly, tasselled and unusual sleeves are around now in a variety of shapes, lengths and fabrics. If you’re looking at wedding dresses with sleeves for a style statement on your wedding day then some of these won’t disappoint.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Sanyuykta Shrestha |
Sanyuykta Shrestha
Wedding dresses with sleeves by Eliza Jane Howell |
Eliza Jane Howell
Alternative wedding dresses by Marchesa |

Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves are very short and tend to just cover the shoulder. They often give a 1950s schoolgirl type of look and can appear cute and girlish for that reason. Ideal for brides with slender or well‐toned upper arms who want to wear sleeves but would prefer not to wear long sleeves.

Dress by Amanda Wakeley |
Amanda Wakeley

Puff Sleeves

If you’re looking for the ultimate fairytale princess wedding dress then choose one with puff sleeves. Short or long, puff sleeves make a statement that shouts “I’m a princess!” Long sleeves which puff out at the top and become slimmer at the forearm are known as Juliette sleeves. Dreamy and romantic, puff sleeves will have all your guests talking about your wedding dress for generations!

Wedding dress with sleeves by Galia Lahav |

Bell Sleeves

Feminine and elegant, bell sleeves are the Medieval Maid Marian look made famous by the Robin Hood myths of the middle ages. A bridal gown with bell sleeves gives a romantic old English feel. Bell sleeves also came back into fashion in the 60s and again just recently.

Wedding dress with sleeves by Mikaella |
Paloma Blanca

Sleeved Capes

Capes and coats are a stylish addition to any weddding dress, with sleeves or otherwise, and are ideal for winter weddings when you want to keep warm. Most bridal capes, jackets and coats have long sleeves although there are some around with short and mid-length sleeves that give a more summery look. A sleeved cape or coat can be the ideal finishing touch to any wedding dress.

Wedding dresses with sleeves by Honor |

For some brides, deciding not to wear a strapless or sleeveless wedding dress can bring relief if you’re slightly worried about exposing your upper arms. Either way, it’s good to know that wearing sleeves this season means you will have a wedding dress that is the height of current fashion.

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