Wedding dressing – eastern style!

Wedding dressing ‐ eastern style!


Bridal attire consists of three parts:

• a ghaghra or lehenga ‐ the full length skirt


• the choli – the close fitting bodice

• the odhini or dupatta ‐ the veil


Traditionally, a full skirt. Contemporary designers now mean styles can incorporate as much as ten metres of fine fabric in to the cut, without making the bride fuller figured – very important if, like Liz, you have dieted to get that perfect shape! A‐line and mermaid cuts are also popular for a streamlined look.


Although the basic design of the choli – a tight fitted bodice, remains unaltered, designers are always experimenting with necklines, sleeves and backs to create contemporary and elegant styles


The Odhini, dupatta or chunni is the finishing touch – a long length of elegant fabric tucked beneath the waistband of the lehenga and draped over the hair, falling across the opposite shoulder. With gorgeous rich embroidery, and intricately woven with beautiful designs, it is a work of art to be treasured and loved. If the lehenga is richly detailed, the odhini will usually be lighter in comparison, to achieve the perfect harmony of an exquisite bridal outfit.

Top tips when buying a lehenga:

• Fix a budget and stick to it

• Spend time with the designer so that they know exactly what you have in mind

• Choose a good lining that will support the rich embroidery and make the lehenger sit properly

• Of the choli is heavily embroidered, check it is comfortable under the arms and will not be prickly on the day

• Look after your outfit – you may want to pass it on to your daughter one day!

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