Wedding Headdresses and Tiaras

Crown your bridal gown with a wedding tiara. It’s the ultimate fantasy ‐ to drift down the aisle looking like a princess for a day. So it’s no wonder that one of the key ornaments for any bridal outfit is a tiara‐style headdress.

Bridal Wedding Hair Down Styles


Above: Wedding hairstyles by Camilla J Collins

Top bridal tiara tips

  • Salon sense: A good place to start is at your hair salon. Pop in for a consultation (you’ll be doing this anyway, of course, to discuss your hair style) and ask to flick through some hair magazines, or see if they keep an album of different ways to wear a tiara and flowers.
  • Window shop: Trawl the high street for accessory shops to get ideas. You might find you prefer a simple tiara, or would rather buy one and decorate it yourself.
  • Floral sense: Order any flowers early (this applies to all wedding flowers), to make sure you get what you want on the day, especially if the flowers you have chosen will be out of season.
  • Back view: Don’t forget that detail around the back of your head is as important as the front view: most of the ceremony will be spent with your back to the congregation.
  • Tall order: Wreaths look better on long hair, especially on brides who will be wearing their hair down.
  • High tied: Short brides can give themselves a little extra height by choosing a tall headdress, but be careful not to detract attention from the rest of your outfit, and be careful not to choose anything that will be hard to attach.
  • Fine point: If your hair is very fine it may not hold a heavy tiara. Wash it the day before the wedding to give it more chance of holding a headpiece, and give your hairdresser ample time to secure it in place.
  • Braided bunch: Plaited hair can help keep a headdress secure. Irish brides once braided their hair as a matter of course, as it was thought this would help protect their feminine powers!
  • Flower power: Remember that flowers are delicate, and will wilt on hot days. If you’re planning to incorporate them into a headpiece, you may prefer to use silk ones.
  • Little tips: Head adornments should be kept simple for younger bridal attendants. Buy hair grips decorated with silk flowers, or ones that are brightly coloured.
  • Bird brain: Feeling brave? Branch away from beads and sequins and adorn your headdress with something more daring. Try kingfisher feathers, traditionally woven into hair pieces by the ancient Chinese.
  • Dress rehearsal: When visiting the hairdresser for your final fitting (usually a couple of weeks before the big day), remember to take your headpiece along with you.

Laura and Mark Algarve Real Wedding Tiara

Above, Laura and Mark’s Real Algarve Wedding

Bridal tiaras international

Headdresses are common across the globe, and different countries give them different meanings. In the Ukraine, for example, an ancient custom still carried out today is to place a vinok or wreath made of fresh periwinkle and myrtle over a bride’s head during the ceremony.

In parts of Africa, the type and colour of fabric is as important as the shape, while in northern India, brides wear elaborate headdresses with strings of flowers almost covering the face. And in Java, brides wear headdresses made from golden leaves and flowers.

If you’re having trouble finding the right headdress, think yourself lucky you don’t live in ancient Finland. There, after the ceremony, a bride’s long braids were cut off and she was resigned to wearing a white cap for the rest of her life. Very fetching…

Fabledreams Vintage Jewellery

Above, a selection of Swarovski Crystal jewellery by Fabledreams. From the top: Crystal and Pearl Enchantment Headdress and Cuff | Crystal Vintage Inspired Hollywood Deco Headdress | Crystal and Pearl Draping Brow Headpiece | Crystal and Pearl Swan Lake Headdress

Choose your wedding headdress

Modern western headdresses vary greatly in styles. You can pick up an inexpensive “crown” from any accessory shop, or get a made‐to‐order tiara sculpted to perfection ‐‐ a work of art in itself.

Whether you fancy doing the royalty thing and crowning yourself with a diamante‐studded effort, or would rather go for a more delicate, flower‐based hairband, there are numerous ways of fixing a veil or pinning back hair too. You just need to know where to start looking.
Bridal Hair by Camilla J CollinsAbove: Wedding hairstyles by Camilla J Collins

Guide to wedding headdress styles

  • Tiara ‐‐ just as it is! The royal touch…
  • Band ‐‐ a simple headband worn toward the front of the head.
  • Bun ‐‐ a circular band encircle a bun style.
  • Crown ‐‐‐ romantic tiara‐style adorned with stones or sequins.
  • Snood ‐‐ net fitted over the back of the head, bun‐style.
  • Juliet cap ‐‐ a la Romeo and…, a round cap sitting closely on top of the head.
  • Wreath ‐‐ a band of flowers or foliage fitting toward the front of the head.

Wedding Bridal Hair Styles With Accessories

Above: Wedding hairstyles by Camilla J Collins

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