What Do Ushers Wear?

The groom’s groomsmen need to look their very best on the wedding day – after all, being a part of the wedding party is an honour! The bridesmaids will be all kitted out in gorgeous gowns – it’s only right the ushers should match!

Groom And Groomsmen


The ushers’ suits need to be arranged (purchased or hired) well in advance of the wedding, this is something to discuss with the best man and groom beforehand, as the ushers must follow the groom and best man in their choice of attire – if the groom is going to wear a morning suit, chances are his groomsmen will have to as well. Kilt – likewise.

Just as the groom and best man stand out among other men in suits at a wedding, so should the ushers. The guests should always be able to tell who is involved in the wedding party, in case they have any questions or need assistance. One way to do this is with boutonnieres – all men wear matching ones, or the ushers can wear slightly different ones than the groom and best man.

Ushers may also wear different ties, pocket squares, vests or cummerbunds.

Sometimes it is not possible for all the groomsmen to wear the same attire – in this case, the ushers and the groom with best man must agree what can be done to ensure they match each other and the rest of the wedding party. It is acceptable for the groom and best man to be in black suits, while the ushers are in dark gray suits with matching boutonnieres, for example.

An usher should get a clear idea whether he’s expected to contribute to the cost of his attire; traditionally this is taken care of by the groom, in the same way the bride pays fully or mostly towards the costs of outfitting her bridesmaids.

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