What wedding accessories do I need?

Bridal tiaras, veils, shoes, not to mention something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Just how does a modern bride accessorise?

What wedding accessories do I need?


Bridal wear up top

As a bride, your choice of what to wear on your head will be partly determined by what your dress is like.

Wedding veils are generally made of lace or tulle and secured by a circlet of flowers or a tiara. The general rule is: the more formal the dress, the longer the veil. You also need to think about how your veil will be held in place.

Veils and tiaras are often treasured in families and worn by generations of brides, so you might be able to borrow one or both from your own family or the groom’s.

You could have a headdress made up with real flowers ‐‐ usually the same varieties as in your bouquet ‐‐ which should be made up and delivered on the day by the same florist. Most florists offering a bridal service will have several designs of headdresses to choose from.

Fabric flowers may prove less of a worry, as obviously they will remain in perfect condition throughout the day. Bridal shops and stores have an extensive range to choose from. Try on a selection of headdresses, preferably with your dress on, before buying one.

You might prefer to wear a hat to complete your outfit, particularly if your dress is not a traditional wedding dress. If a hat is worn, the custom is for a bride to carry a prayer book rather than flowers! 

Feet first

Shoes are the most important accessories. They need to be comfortable, non‐slip and with a heel to complement both your height and the dress. The sooner you find your perfect pair, the better! Put them on at home to wear them in and take them to dress fittings too. On the day, don’t forget to have a spare pair of tights or stockings on hand for those inevitable ladders! 

Something old…

Tradition states that a bride should have “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. This apparently brings all the available mystical influences into her possession! Something old is the past, something new the future; something borrowed the present and something blue symbolises purity. Carrying a lucky charm, such as a silver horseshoe or sixpence is still popular, too. 

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