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Where to Buy Wedding Rings

Maybe you’ve taken the unconventional route: set the date and then are purchasing rings. Or perhaps you’re sticking to tradition and on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring for your future Mr or Mrs. Even if you’re simply shopping for bands for your big day, here are our favourite places to buy wedding rings.

Buying Wedding Rings |


Buying an Engagement Ring

If you’re still shopping around for the perfect engagement ring, look no further than Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds. These unique gemstones make beautiful engagement rings. When purchasing an engagement ring, there are a few things to take into consideration. We’re not talking about the cut and clarity of the ring, although those things are important. Instead, be sure to consider:

  1. The type of ring your significant other would like
  2. The size of your significant other’s finger
  3. The perfect colour stone for your significant other
Natural Fancy Coloured Diamond Wedding Rings and Bands |
Images courtesy of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get a ring as unique as the love of your life. If she isn’t into big diamonds, then don’t get her a ring with a huge rock. If her jewellery box consists of a lot of coloured gemstones, then consider buying an engagement ring with a coloured stone. If you want your engagement ring purchase to be a subtle surprise, you may have to gamble when it comes to choosing a ring, especially if the two of you haven’t talked about that detail yet. Of course, if you do chat about that sort of thing, consider casually browsing a few websites and getting a feel for what she likes. Make a mental note and use this information when making the big purchase.

Choosing a Beautiful Wedding Band

Wedding sets where the band fits into the cut of the engagement ring are hugely popular. Purchasing this type of ring takes some of the guess work out of searching for a band and is an easy solution to buying rings. Plus, you’ll pay for both of them at once, saving you loads of money and time. But if your bride doesn’t want a set, then the search for a band can seem daunting.

When purchasing your band, think about matching the metal to that of the engagement ring. While it’s customary to buy the same metal (a platinum band for a platinum ring) it’s also acceptable to vary things up. The clash of yellow gold and white gold is becoming common, as well as show in Aurus London’s many and varied styles. The most important thing to consider when purchasing the wedding band for your spouse-to-be is to choose something that they would like. Don’t fuss too much over whether it’s on trend or what the latest celebrity of the moment is doing. Focus instead on their tastes and their preferences and you’ll never go wrong.

Two tone wedding bands from Aurus London |
Two tone wedding bands courtesy of Aurus London

Traditionally, bands have mostly been solid metal, but bands studded with diamonds, jewels and gems are also popular. Featuring coloured diamonds in the wedding band is another way to inject a bit of colour and personality into your rings. Whether you want something simple and traditional or radically different, we love the range of rings Bands of Love have on offer.

Wedding Bands from Bands of Love on
Wedding Bands from Bands of Love

Wedding accessories are more than just engagement rings and wedding bands. Find all the accessories you need with our approved wedding jewellery suppliers.

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