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Which Wedding Dress Suits Your Star Sign

Are you a Gemini bride who’s in two minds about what style of wedding dress to wear, or a sultry Scorpio still looking for something to reflect your sensual side? Find out which wedding dress suits your star sign with our quick and fun guide and prepare to get starry eyed.

Aries  20 March – 20 April

Modern in your outlook and style, you’re a fire sign with a strong character and you know what you like. Choose bold lines for a striking look without any need for extra embellishment. Your style is chic and sophisticated, just like you.


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Taurus  20 April – 21 May

Which wedding dress suits your star sign? You’re a true romantic who may have a fixed idea of the kind of dress you want. Look for a ballgown with pretty embellishments, or a flowing dress with feminine ruffles or floaty skirts. Your overall style is feminine and beautiful.

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Gemini  21 May – 21 June

The sign of the twins, the Gemini bride may want to have two wedding dresses, like Meghan Markle – one for the ceremony and one for the reception. Having two gowns, or a convertible dress that can be worn in different ways, will show both sides of your interesting personality.

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Cancer  June 21 – July 22

A sensitive and emotional water sign, you love the sea and should go for a calm and serene wedding dress style. A beach bridal gown for a coastal wedding, a romantic pastel blue or floral dress could be the ideal choice for you.

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Leo  22 July – 23 August

Which wedding dress suits your star sign? The Leo Bride can be flamboyant and often wants to be the centre of attention. Look for dresses that reflect this boldness, either in an unusal design, outrageous feathers, oversized ruffles or eye-catching embellishment.

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Eliza Jane Howell

Virgo  23 August – 23 September

Super sophisticated and sometimes shy, the Virgo bride loves simplicity. Look for a smart and elegant wedding dress with clean lines, chic styling with a feminine feel. A bow at the waist and smooth white satin are ideal or the perfectionist bride of the Zodiac.

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Libra  23 September – 23 October

Gracious and gentle, yet strong minded, Libra is all about balance and so the ideal wedding dress for a Libran bride will be perfectly symmetrical. As Librans tend to like the best of everything, a handmade couture or designer gown is definitely in order.

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Scorpio  23 October – 22 November

Known for her intensity and passion, the Scorpio bride should look for a decidedly sassy design that shows her depth of character. A mermaid gown is an ideal style for this bride as it’s an interesting shape that accentuates the feminine curve of the hips for added sex appeal.

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Sagittarius  22 November – 21 December

A natural extrovert who likes change, the Sagittarius bride loves to travel so a gown fit for a wedding abroad could be ideal. A figure-hugging dress with an illusion back will show off every curve of this confident bride’s shape and show there is more to this bride than meets the eye.

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Capricorn  21 December – 20 January

Down to earth, the Capricorn bride is practical and conservative with a strong sense of self-awareness. A plain, unfussy short or tea-length wedding dress with a high neckline will suit the Capricorn bride perfectly.

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Aquarius  20 January – 18 February

Which wedding dress suits your star sign? Anything unusual, or ethical, or ideally both, will be of interest to the Aquarian bride. Cutting edge new designs or a unique couture gown, made from sustainable, fair trade fabrics by artisan dress makers will be ideal.

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Pisces  18 February – 20 March

The most romantic daydreamer of the Zodiac, the Prisces bride is often artistic and just loves to be in love. Dreamy gowns with floaty skirts, intricate detailing or sweetheart necklines will be the ultimate match for this bride.

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Which Wedding Dress Suits Your Star Sign

Astrology is the ancient study of the movements and positions of the stars as a means of forecasting the future. We are, each of us, born under one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, which fall into the four elements: air, earth, fire and water. The stars can’t give any exact information but it is believed that we can use our sun signs as a guide to greater understanding of ourselves and others in order to have more fulfilling relationships.

While this guide features some real astrological traits of each sign and their dates, it’s worth noting that it is based purely on sun signs and does not take into account the rising sign (ascendent) or moon sign also thought to contribute to our personality.

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