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Winter weddings are wonderful. It’s the perfect time to indulge your snow queen fantasies, or go all out in a Christmas-inspired style. If the allure of a winter wedding revolves largely around the fabulous fur-trimmed accessories you can wear, then this fabulous fashion feature is just for you.

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The most stylish looks for a winter wedding this season through to winter 2010 include long, sleek white or ivory lace gowns teamed with long-line white, ivory or even scarlet red coats. And there’s nothing more perfect for a traditional winter wedding than the softest fake-fur trimmed hooded cloak, matching mufflers to warm the hands and pretty pom-poms to complete the look in style.

Sensational snow queen styling

For full Snow Queen magnificence, choose an elegant long-line gown with a sleek A-line or fishtail skirt, icey sparkling crystals to the bodice or all over. An ice-white fake fur trimmed cloak with a snowflake or thistle shaped tiara will top it off perfectly.

Ice blue is the perfect colour for your bridesmaids to wear, but remember to keep them warm in a fake fur bolero, shrug, coat or cape to complement your own. If you want to add an accent colour to your scheme then silver works very well with this style.

Your bouquet could feature white and blue flowers with added crystals, tied with a white or silver ribbon. Accessorise your bridesmaids with simpler posy-style bouquets of white flowers tied with an ice blue ribbon to match their dresses or fur mufflers, to keep their hands warm. Silver jewellery for each bridesmaid is the perfect ‘thank you’ gift.

This colour scheme particularly suits brides with blue eyes and cooler colouring. You’ll make a statement with this style and create a stunning and memorable look that people will be talking about for years to come.

Christmas colours for a rich or traditional look

If your colouring has warmer tones or you prefer Christmas colours such as red, green and gold then this colour scheme is for you. When it comes to festive colours however, it’s important not to overdo it as rich colours are very bold so ‘less is more’ as they say. Go with red and gold or green and gold rather than trying to mix red and green together; it’s much easier to get it right and the effect will be more appealing. White and red is meant to be an unlucky combination for weddings (since it was said to represent the colours of bandages seen during the First World War). Instead, team ivory or off-white with red for a Christmassy look, being careful not to look too much like Father (or is that mother?) Christmas!

Go for a bold red bridal gown with a long ivory, fur-trimmed cape, and dress your bridesmaids in champagne gold dresses with ivory fake fur capes.

Your bouquet could feature white and ivory flowers tied with a matching red or champagne or gold ribbon, while your bridesmaids could hold smaller bouquets of red flowers tied with either champagne or gold ribbon, or ivory fake-fur with matching pom-poms hanging down for pretty Scandanavian Christmas style!

Wintry colours for a bolder look

For a more unusual winter wedding style, go for a champagne gold, bold burgundy, or even purple bridal gown.

When wearing a bold colour be careful to team it with more neutral accessories unless you’re sure you’ve got it quite right.

Dressing your bridesmaids is an important consideration as, ideally, you want their look and style to complement yours, but you don’t want them to overshadow you or for their colours to clash.

The very clever people at Dessy have, with this in mind, produced an amazing Pantone Wedding colour fan guide so you can choose the perfect shade and get it just right!

Whichever winter wedding style you go for, wear it with pride and revel in the beauty and the majesty of your winter wedding.

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