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Best Wedding Dress Storage Solutions and Travel Cases

13th March 2017 |By | Be the first to comment

After your honeymoon, it’s time to have your wedding dress dry-cleaned and stored, perhaps for future generations to wear. Here are some of the best wedding dress storage solutions, including acid-free boxes, travel storage cases and even speciality frames.

Wedding dress storage by The Empty Box Company |

Storing Your Dress

If you’re not planning to sell your dress after the wedding, you should store it in acid-free paper inside a wedding dress box. Simply hanging it in your wardrobe or inside a dress cover in your attic is not enough to preserve it and dresses kept in this way will discolour over time. The box should protect your gown from dust and damage, insects and light. Some specialist dry cleaners offer to pack your gown for you in an acid-free box, which they will build into the price of dry cleaning but you may prefer to choose a design you love if you’re planning to keep it on top of your wardrobe forever more.

All good wedding dress boxes come in a range of sizes with acid-free paper and instructions on how to fold your gown and provide a lifetime’s protection for your beloved wedding dress.

Extreme Size Dress Box

The Empty Box Company offer an array of lovely designs in various sizes. These are handmade boxes for wedding dress storage and travel that are designed to protect and keep your wedding dress for years to come. They also make Wedding Travel Boxes that are ideal for destination weddings.

Extra Large Wedding Dress Box

Floral wedding dress box with ribbon |

Floral wedding dress box with ribbon

Medium Dress Box

Maxi Size Dress Box

Extra Large Dress Box

Wedding Dress Travel Box

Small Travel Box

Matching Set of 3 Boxes

Alternative Wedding Dress Storage Solutions

Total Wardrobe Storage provides another solution to storing your wedding dress by freeing up space in your home. They will preserve and store your bridal gown for you, allowing access to view your dress and even request a delivery straight to your front door.

Have Your Dress Framed

Another innovative alternative to storing your bridal gown in a pretty box; this company frames your wedding dress to preserve it perfectly for you to display as a piece of art. Simply beautiful.

Framed wedding dress by the Beautiful Frame Company |

The Beautiful Frame Company

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