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Recommended Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes

You’ve got a fabulous pair of bridal shoes and a wonderful wedding dress in mind, but are they perfect together? Finding a pair of wedding shoes to complement your dress is fun. After all, who doesn’t love new shoes? Here's how to find the ideal pair of bridal shoes and how to wear them like a pro...

Finding the perfect shoe

Once you've found your dress, it’s time to start looking for your shoes. Think fancy shoes for a simple dress or simple shoes with an elaborate gown. A show-stopping wedding gown with show-stopping shoes can be a bit much; ideally one should complement the other.

Which fabrics are best?

You'll want to match your shoes to the colour or the fabric at the hem of your gown, rather than the bodice. Ivory satin or even suede are great choices as both are luxurious and soft and will look wonderful with crepe and organza dresses. You should have your shoes by the time your gown is ready for any alterations, as you'll need to take them along to every fitting to ensure the hemline remains the same.

Crack the colour code

You may be having a ‘white wedding’ but remember that all whites are not created equal. If you're wearing white, off-white or ivory, take a swatch of the fabric from your dress when choosing your shoes to ensure you get the colours just right.

How high is too high?

When it comes to heels, go only as high as feels comfortable. Heels are great because they add length to your silhouette. Opt for the same height you wear day-to-day. If you're a slave to your trainers, but want to wear a heel, start wearing heels a bit more regularly beforehand to get your feet and body used to the idea, or compromise by wearing a low kitten heel.

Practise, practise, practise

Don't forget the comfort factor. You're going to be on your feet for hours and the last thing you'll want at the end of the day is aching, blistered feet. Be sure to break in your shoes for an hour a day starting at least a week before the big do. If you’re planning to wear super-high heels, practise walking in them wearing your dress to avoid a nightmarish trip as you approach the church steps or the dance floor. It’s worth bearing in mind that your shoes may not be seen much if your dress is floor-length so a low-heel could be just enough.

How can I keep my feet dancing?

Sprinkle talc into shoes to absorb moisture - when your feet sweat and swell, your shoes are more likely to rub. Add padding under the ball of each foot with Scholl Party Feet, or change into a pair of flat or low-heeled shoes for the reception so you can dance the night away in comfort.