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2016 Bridal Headwear Ideas and Trends

11th December 2015 |By | 1 Comment

The bride’s wedding look is about more than her dress alone—you also have to consider all of the accessories, including the headwear. Therefore, here are some 2016 bridal headwear ideas and trends, brought to you by

2016 Bridal Headwear Ideas and Trends |

Above: Veil Style V-2864 by Pronovias

1)      Veils

As we look ahead into the 2016 bridal headwear trends, the obvious first choice is wedding veils. Veils come in all manner of styles and lengths and are as popular now as they ever have been.

2)      Flower Crowns and Wreaths

A growing favourite, especially for outdoor weddings full of colour, is flower crowns or wreaths. They’re stunning headwear alternatives, and many brides are actually veering away from using just flowers now and adding extras such as berries and pinecones to create more seasonal looks.

3)      Tiaras and Crowns

Wedding Crowns and Tiaras |

Above, image courtesy of 3D Jewellery

Tiaras and crowns are something of the go-to bridal accessory for anyone wishing for a fairytale wedding. Such a pretty, romantic piece of jewellery, we predict they’re going to remain a favourite among brides.

4)      Headbands

Bridal Headbands |

Above, images courtesy of The Wedding Veil Shop

Headbands can be thick or thin, simple or ornate. They go with any wedding theme, and complement any bridal look.

5)      Circlets and Halos

Halos and Circlets |

Above, images courtesy of The Wedding Veil Shop and Pinterest

More delicate than a tiara or a headband, and often overlooked, is a circlet. Usually worn across the forehead, these are elegant and beautiful bridal headwear pieces that make gorgeous jewellery alternatives.

6) Combs and Clips

Combs and Clips |

Above, images courtesy of The Wedding Veil Shop

Combs and pins remain a popular bridalwear choice and are particularly common with brides who wear their hair in a pretty up-do on the big day. Clips can be used far more broadly, with any hairstyle, and any theme.

7) Hair Vines

Hair vines are often very delicate pieces of jewellery that fall beautifully with your hair. These accessories are especially pretty for a bohemian wedding!

Hair Vines |

Above, images courtesy of The Wedding Veil Shop

8) Statement Headpieces

Statement Headpieces |

Above, image courtesy of Emma-Jane Photography

Headpieces come in such a huge array of styles, and some brides enjoy going off the beaten track a little bit by using statement hairpieces like elaborate headdresses, fascinators and brooches, and even hats, caps, and hair wraps.

Statement Headwear |

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest

9) Mix and Match

Beautiful Bridal Headwear |

Above, images courtesy of Pinterest

Don’t feel like you have to choose one thing or another. As long as you don’t try and cram too many accessories onto your head you can mix and match different hairpieces for a unique and beautiful look. For example, it’s quite popular to wear a piece of jewellery, like a hair comb or tiara, with a veil, and it’s not uncommon to see a flower crown paired with a veil too.

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