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Recommended Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids bring so much to a wedding. They are the bride's trusted inner circle, there to offer support with the wedding planning, fun on the hen night and assistance to the bride on the big day itself. Our bridesmaids also add beauty to the wedding photos, colour and style. So here are our top tips for choosing your bridesmaids dresses.

Whose decision is it anyway?

When choosing bridesmaid dresses there may have  to be some kind of compromise reached. Bear in mind that you are close friends and relatives, the bride isn't picking outfits for Barbie. Consider everyone's individual shapes, colouring, personalities and tastes. No bride can expect their bridesmaids to wear something they won't be comfortable in.

Keeping to budget

The matter of who is paying for the dresses changes the boundaries a little. If the bride is stumping up the readies, bridesmaids may be pleased to have a dress they can wear again, but shouldn't necessarily expect it. However, if the bride is asking others to shell out, the decision should be their's so they can find something they'll wear again.  If you choose something a tiny bit practical your bridesmaids will love you for it, and compromise may be reached a little sooner.

Bridesmaids should resist the temptation to impose their own style on the wedding.  A good practical solution is to opt for separates rather than one-piece dresses:  you might never get to wear that fuchsia bodice again, but might wear the grey silk skirt (or vice versa).

Unique selling points

Few brides are lucky enough to have bridesmaids who all share the same skin or hair tone or body shape, so it's a good suggestion to go for a variety of styles with a coloured theme. That way each bridesmaid can choose a style of dress most suitable for her. This is a popular approach in America, and many US designers are now bringing their ranges over here to the UK.

Alternative ideas

Choosing a black-tie dress code is always a great suggestion. Evening dress looks wonderful at any style of wedding: urban, evening, register office and large formals.

Top tip: Kids grow at an alarming rate, so don't buy the outfit too far in advance, or you'll be looking for another child to fit into it!