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About Lilly Lou Bridal

Lilly Lou was born in 1973 in a beautiful Island called Malta. The Sun was always shining and the people were always happy. Maltese people are known for their kindness and strong characters. This is where I get my stubbornness and my strong character.
Since I was 4 years old I always dreamt of becoming a princess so I can wear all those exquisite ball gown dresses. My imagination of these beautiful dresses used to send my brain in sessions of day dreaming until I was old enough to start putting these beautiful fantasy dreams of these dresses on paper.
My designs are now influenced by Art Books, Victorian Era, Fashion Books, friends and most of all from clients who come to me and people on the street. My inspiration also comes to me as I work.
Lilly Lou’s design’s are fashion forward, cutting edge, glamorous. They scream look at me! I know who I am, I know what I want. Every little detail is high on her list of priorities. When it comes to fashion – Lilly Lou is high maintenance and spends a lot of money on being on trend with the latest fashion.


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