14 Must-Have Groomsmen Gifts

Your friends have help you some much, from helping with planning the wedding and your crazy stag do, to ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly. They deserve a reward, a little treat as a small thank you. Here are 14 must-have groomsmen gifts that are guaranteed to make your groomsmen feel just as loved as you do.

Wood Bottle Caddy With Opener | Confetti.co.uk
Wood Bottle Caddy With Opener

This pine wood bottle caddy is a superb gift for your grooms, it will hold all of their drinks and the built in bottle opener means that they’ll never be searching for a bottle opener again!


Rose Wood Handle Hammer Multi-tool | Confetti.co.uk
Rose Wood Handle Hammer Multi-tool

By giving your groomsmen this multi-tool, you may as well throw their tool box in the bin! This compact marvel has everything a DIY buff will ever need. Everyone has odd jobs that they need to do, now they have no excuse not to.

Modern Shot Glass With Silver Ombre Fade | Confetti.co.uk
Modern Shot Glass With Silver Ombre Fade

These very trendy, very swish shot glasses are the perfect way for you and  your groomsmen to unwind after the big day. If you can still say “very trendy, very swish shot glasses” then you’re not using this product properly.

Vintage Inspired Clear Glass Hip Flask | Confetti.co.uk
Vintage Inspired Clear Glass Hip Flask

I personally adore the vintage swing top, I just like popping the top off while I’m using it. It’s a brilliant novel way to carry around your drinks, if your groomsmen are teetotal they can fill it with some fizzy pop! The sound it makes when filled with pop is amazing!

Rugged Canvas Dopp Kit | Confetti.co.uk
Rugged Canvas Dopp Kit

If you’re having your wedding abroad, this canvas dopp kit is a must-have for any bloke going. A handy little bag to keep their tooth brush and deodorant in, you don’t want stinky groomsmen.

Weekender Bag | Confetti.co.uk
Weekender Bag

A lot of people struggle to find a bag that’s the right size for a few days away, help your groomsmen pack for their long weekend holidays with this weekender bag. The perfect size to hold all the things that they’ll need for a couple of nights away.

Barbecue Kit | Confetti.co.uk
Barbecue Kit

Have you ever tried to hold a barbecue with third rate plastic barbecue utensils? It’s terrible. Save your groomsmen from the shame of dropping burgers on the floor by getting them this amazing barbecue kit!

Personalised Pen And Box Set | Confetti.co.uk
Personalised Pen And Box Set

You may think that you don’t need a pen in 2016, a lot of people do. So when the time comes when you need a pen, you won’t be able to find a pen. A good pen is hard to come by these days, this pen and box set will become your groomsmen’s favourite pen in an instant!

Personalised Keep Calm Bubble Glass | Confetti.co.uk
Personalised Keep Calm Bubble Glass

The phrase “Keep calm and drink whisky” is perfect to describe my weekends, make sure that your friends have the correct glass for drinking their whiskey at home. Pubs are expensive and sometimes you just want to drink whiskey and watch Lethal Weapon.

Personalised Crystal Decanter | Confetti.co.uk
Personalised Crystal Decanter

Whether they’re decanting wine or whiskey, your groomsmen will appreciate the superior taste of decanted wine. I stand by the fact that decanted wine is so much better.

Best Man Pilsner Glass and Usher Pilsner Glass | Confetti.co.uk
Best Man Pilsner Glass and Usher Pilsner Glass

These pilsner glasses are the perfect way to remind your groomsmen of the amazing day that they helped to make perfect. When you have a drink with them, you’ll be reminded of your wedding date. So you can’t miss your anniversary!

Black Rugged Knife | Confetti.co.uk
Black Rugged Knife

This rugged knife looks pretty mean, but it’s perfect for any groomsman who loves the out doors! This knife is perfect for every situation you will ever find yourself in whilst in the wild.

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