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3 of the Best Wedding Gift List Services

If you’re wondering which wedding gift list to choose, or perhaps you have already decided that a traditional gift list is not right for you, here’s a little insight into 3 of the best wedding gift list services in the UK and how they could be just what you’re looking for.

Patchwork gift list |
Patchwork gift list

The Honeymoon Gift List

Wouldn’t it be great if your friends and family could help you make the honeymoon of your dreams a reality, instead of just giving you more stuff that you don’t need? That’s the problem that the honeymoon gift list is designed to solve! Instead of bed sheets, have the first night of your stay in a luxury hotel; instead of a toaster, have breakfast watching the sun rise over the ocean. Let your friends give you the trip of a lifetime! Buy Our Honeymoon are independent honeymoon gift list specialists. You can use their service with any travel operator, for any destination, whether you’ve finished making all your plans or not. You can make your list as simple or as detailed as you like, and you can include absolutely anything you wish — from airport parking at Heathrow, to a helicopter tour of Manhattan; raiding the hotel minibar to private dining on the beach.


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Buy Our Honeymoon

Your guests visit the online gift list you’ve put together, choose any of the ideas you’ve included, and leave you a personal message. They then simply pay the value of their gift to you directly, facilitated online by the site. Buy Our Honeymoon is uniquely flexible, fun to set up, and incredibly easy to use. You get the valuable help towards making your honeymoon happen, and your guests get to choose a wedding gift that can mean something to them.

The Contributions List

Here’s an alternative gift list idea. This one lets your wedding guests contribute cash, time and skills to help you make something amazing happen – piece by piece. Like a patchwork quilt of many pieces, you can create a Patchwork to share the dream. Invite your family and friends to come together and help make it a reality by contributing cash towards your special gift in a way that’s personal and fun.

Patchwork Gift List |
Patchwork Gift List

The beauty of Patchwork is that your guests can contribute whatever they can afford, and you can collect the funds in your PayPal account to then spend when and where you like. By simply creating a patchwork of images, you get to share your idea for a special gift, event or experience broken down into its component parts, and your friends and family can choose which bit to buy you.

The Alternative Gift List

If you would prefer a gift list that gives, then The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. Founded in 1972, they are at the forefront of woodland protection, creation, and restoration and own over 1,000 woods which are freely open to all.

By dedicating a Woodland Trust tree or woodland area for your own wedding or someone else’s, you will be marking a special day with a truly unique gift while helping to ensure the survival of native UK woodland. From single trees to acre groves with benches, there are options in woods across the UK to suit every requirement.

Woodland Trust Alternative Gift List |
Woodland Trust Alternative Gift List

This is a lovely alternative to the usual wedding gift list and ideal for eco-conscious couples and those who simply love nature and the great outdoors.

Find the best wedding gift list for you and read more about other wedding gift lists.


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