Patchwork Gift List Naomi & Jack |

The Patchwork Alternative Gift List

Here’s an alternative gift list idea. Patchwork is the only list that lets your wedding guests contribute cash, time and skills to help you make something amazing happen – piece by piece.

Patchwork Gift List Naomi & Jack |
Patchwork Gift List Naomi & Jack

Whether it’s a honeymoon, a flat deposit, or a new sofa you want, you can create a Patchwork to share the dream. Invite your family and friends to come together and help make it a reality by contributing cash towards your special gift in a way that’s personal and fun.The beauty of Patchwork is that your guests can contribute whatever they can afford, and you can collect the funds in your PayPal account to then spend when and where you like. By simply creating a patchwork of images, you get to share your idea for a special gift, event or experience broken down into its component parts, and your friends and family can choose which bit to buy you.


Set up a Honeymoon Fund

Create a patchwork to show your guests the honeymoon you would love to have, with a collection of images. Then they can choose which part of the trip to treat you to, for instance: £200 for a night in a hotel, £50 for dinner or £5 for beers on the beach. It’s that simple.

Fund our honeymoon by Patchwork |
Fund our honeymoon by Patchwork

Collect Cash Towards One Big Gift

If your honeymoon is sorted, you can invite friends and family to chip in towards one big gift instead – whether it’s a new sofa, a work of art or even help buying your own home. Creating a patchwork is easy, and with a Pinterest style layout, it’s fun for friends to contribute, too.

Fund our campervan by Patchwork |
Fund our campervan by Patchwork

Ask Friends to Help Make and Do

If you’re planning a DIY wedding and want help instead of gifts, Patchwork lets you share your vision for the big day, so friends can choose whether to bring a bottle, make a cake, do the decorations or promise to DJ. You can keep track of the things people fund, make or do in your account, and guests are able to leave messages with their gifts, so it’s easy to say thank you.You don’t need to sign up or pay an upfront fee to start creating a patchwork so try it out today. Find out more about Patchwork.

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