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Buying Art as a Wedding Gift: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right wedding gift for someone can be tricky! But have you considered giving art as a wedding gift? We asked art experts McKay Williamson how to buy art as a wedding gift and what you need to consider…

A truly meaningful wedding gift can be hard to get right, particularly for those that seem to have everything! By gift-giving, you want to express your love for them, as well as provide a long-lasting memento that they can cherish forever. For this reason, Art and Decor can be the perfect, one-of-a-kind luxury gift, and brands like McKay Williamson specialise in just this.


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McKay Williamson works alongside the customer, connecting them with award-winning artists to commission and create tailor made and deeply personal artworks for their loved ones, making it the perfect gift for those taking the next exciting steps in life by tying the knot. Here’s a run through of their products and services and how you can use them to bag the perfect wedding gift, whoever the newlyweds are to you!

Bespoke Artworks

McKay Williamson works with over 80 well renowned artists including BP Portrait Award winners Paul Wright, Craig Whylie and Mary Jane Ansell. They commission them to create stunning artworks tailored to the individual needs of the customer, often based on personal images or special memories and places.

Each artist offers their own unique style from fine art realism to large-scale abstract interpretations. For example, Nushka’s (Fanny Moreux) frothy impasto paintings create delicate figures and landscapes, whereas pop culture meets classic in Marco Battaglini’s loud, large scale, reinterpretations of renaissance paintings and Pam Glew’s works create bold mixed media portraits using bleach on denim.  

Gallery Walls

The creative agency also offers the curation of gallery walls using personal photographs, which can be displayed in multiple unique ways. They will personalise the service, tailored to your budget and the specific interior space it will go. This is a wonderful way of showcasing the newlywed’s images in their home, to remember their happy day forever. The gallery walls can also include changeable tiles, so your gift can be switched around and updated to convey key milestones in the couple’s lives.

Couples Photoshoots

McKay Williamson also offers family photoshoots with leading photographers, a great experiential wedding gift for the newlyweds as well as providing them with quality images they can showcase in the home. Photographers such as Derrick Santini (Tatler, Vogue, Esquire, I-D), Mark Seliger (Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone) and Rosie Cohe (Rolling Stone, Billboard) are all available to book now.

Digital Screen Prints

McKay Williamson produce stunning digital screen prints which are distinctive and creative, with a luxurious finish all at a more affordable price point. Their digital screen printing technique transforms certain photos into stunning pieces of artistic design. The results can be vibrant and energetic, or calm and reflective – but they all serve to highlight a captured moment, and enhance its impact in a striking way.

Founder, Richard Williamson says: “McKay Williamson redefines personal media, proving that it can be both meaningful and clever, both soulful and playful, and it can and should be a work of art. Our clients love to have a piece of art that holds both wonderful memories without losing the sophistication and beauty of the art. Bespoke work at this level is hard to come by.”

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