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Celebrity & Royalty Wedding Gift Ideas

Celebrity and royalty gift lists – what could people who have it all (and can afford it all) possibly want? Trees and flying lessons, that’s what!

Teacups Teapot British

Emma Bridgewater Union Jack Range at Prezola


Stella & Alasdhair

Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis reportedly asked guests for trees as wedding gifts. They wanted to grow their own forest in the grounds of their £1.3 million Worcestershire country home. We might not all have space for a forest, but asking for plants, trees or other items for your garden is a great idea.

Edward & Sophie

When Edward and Sophie tied the knot in June 1999 they asked for plenty of kitchen and dining gifts for all their royal entertaining. The famous couple requested a 26-piece fine bone china set for £13,580, coffee cups at £85 each, a solid silver teapot costing £9000, matching jugs worth £10,000 and a 26-piece coffee and tea service for an incredible £2,500.

Charles & Diana

One of Diana, Princess of Wales’ wedding presents was a beautiful £500,000 diamond encrusted model boat. OK, so this may be a little over most of your guests’ budgets, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking other luxuries into the bath with you.

Victoria & David

Shopaholics Posh and Becks asked guests for shopping vouchers. They also treated each other to his-and-hers diamond-studded jewellery. If your budget doesn’t stretch this far, don’t worry. Treat your husband-to-be to a classy set of cufflinks.

Andrew & Fergie

Action lovers will be inspired by the Duke and Duchess of York. Andrew bought Sarah flying lessons for her wedding present so she could get her pilot’s licence. Why not ask your guests to treat the two of you to an action-packed gift?

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

Catherine and Michael requested no presents at their wedding, asking instead for cash. Not being exactly impoverished themselves, they asked guests to contribute money to a charitable trust for their son Dylan. By the time he reaches eighteen, the little lad from the valleys will have a tidy sum to donate to the charities of his choice.

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