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8 DIY Mothers of the Bride and Groom Gift Ideas

It’s sometimes hard to find the perfect gift for Mum. Everywhere you look there seems to be the same traditional jewellery and lavish chocolates, pretty flower bouquets and health and beauty hampers. These are all wonderful gifts, but sometimes you want something just a bit more special. So we’ve put together a selection of 8 of our favourite DIY gifts that are perfect for the mothers of the bride and groom, and also Christmas, Mum’s birthday, or Mother’s Day.

DIY Mothers of the Bride and Groom Gift Ideas |
Featured above: Wedding Favour Boxes with Personalised And Plain Ribbon

For an equally fun and far more personal gift, try making one of these simple and lovely presents that Mum is sure to treasure.


1) Vintage Gift Boxes

Our blue-grey vintage boxes are not only very pretty—they’re also perfect for filling with miniature accessories like jewellery or for creating tiny gift hampers.

DIY Vintage Boxes |
Featured above: DIY Perfect Bridesmaids Gift Boxes

2) Gift Bag

On the other hand, you could go all-out and gift Mum a bag full of stuff to pamper her. Maybe she’s preparing to go on a short holiday or spa weekend? A gift bag of luxury getaway essentials like a personalised towel and nightgown is an easy and perfect DIY gift.

DIY Gift Bags and Hampers |
Featured above: White XO Embossed Flip Flops | Personalised Towel | Vintage Bottle and Bottle Label | Pink Watercolour Floral Kimono Robe on White | Designer Compact Mirror with “You Sparkle, You Shine” Print | Black Colourblock Large Zip Pouch | Black and White Bliss Striped Tote | Sparkle Thank You Card with Heart Frame Necklace

3) Pretty Assortments

Present your bought bath salts, potpourri or incense to your mum even more beautifully with your own personalised bag or DIY container. From cotton bags stamped with a personalised message to miniature mason jars and picnic baskets, Confetti has a whole range of container ideas that will inspire you.

DIY Ombre Bags and Mason Jars |
Featured above: DIY Dip Dyed Ombre Favour Bags | DIY Mini Mason Jar Favours

4) Music Collection

Maybe your mum has a great love of music? Our CD caddies are full of retro style, and they’re great for if you want to treat Mum to the full CD collection of one of her favourite music artists (or even a compilation of some favourite photos?).

DIY Gift for Music Lovers |
Featured above: Retro Inspired CD Caddy

5) Potted Plants

A traditional gift for mums is a gorgeous flower bouquet or potted plant. However, your potted plants could be so much more with a bit of DIY magic. Just look at these chic mini pinch pots and succulent mason jars:

DIY Potted Plants |
Featured above: DIY Industrial Chic Mini Pinch Pot Favours | DIY Succulent Mini Mason Jar Wedding Favours

6) Homemade Food

There are few things lovelier than offering your mum something homemade out of your favourite recipe book—you can be certain that your mum will appreciate all of the time and effort you put into it too—and you can put the proverbial cherry on top with a gorgeous container.

DIY Homemade Food Gift |
Featured above: DIY Autumn Pumpkin Favours | DIY Mini Pie Wedding Favours | DIY Mini Mason Jar Favours

7) Homemade Drinks

Similarly, you could even make your own homemade drinks, from cider to Mum’s favourite smoothie, or put together a selection of wine, wine glasses, and cheese for Mum to try as a kind of stay-at-home wine tasting experience. (Here’s how to host your very own wine tasting party.)

DIY Personalised Signature Drinks |
Featured above: Love Letter Ceremony Box Set with Vintage Key Bottle Stopper, Love Knot Bottle Stopper, Personalised Wine Bottle Labels, Small Stemless Wine Glass, and Wine Bottle Shaped Corkscrew Opener In Gift Packaging | Vintage Key Bottle Opener with Bronze Finish with Plain Ribbon and Natural Charm Extra Large Sticker

8) DIY Display Drawer

Finally, you could take your DIY to the next level and create something like our DIY display drawer. The drawer comes as a completely blank slate, so you could personalise it in whatever way you like. This would be a perfect gift for mums who love arts and crafts and need somewhere to store their paints, brushes, needles, threads, and all manner of accessories.

DIY Themed Display Drawer |
Featured above: DIY Vintage Drawer

For more gift inspiration, check out 30 gifts for her under £30 or visit our Gifts for Her section in our shop.

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