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52 of the Best Engagement Gift Ideas

Are you a friend who’s looking for something to give your newly-engaged friends or family members? Or perhaps you’re looking to surprise your other half with a thoughtful engagement gift to celebrate your future wedding?

If you’re in need of some engagement gift inspiration then we can help! We’ve put together a selection of 52 of the best engagement gift ideas that are also brilliant as wedding or anniversary gifts–from classic champagne to a fun box of date-night ideas – perfect if you’re looking to treat a loved one, or perhaps even to treat yourself. 

Here’s our pick of the best engagement gifts for friends, family, loved ones or perhaps even for you – enjoy.

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1) A wine-and-love-letters box

The love letter ceremony box set featured below is a gorgeous engagement gift. Complete with two etched wine glasses and an exclusive stationery set. It’s a romantic idea for you and your partner – simply write love letters to each other and then lock them away with your favourite wine until after your wedding (or until your first, fifth, or even tenth wedding anniversary). 

It could also be used to write letters to your cherished loved ones to lock away with the gift of wine, ready for them to open and read after their wedding day, perfect if you want an engagement gift with sentimental value.

Wine Union Wedding Ceremony |

2) A wedify Membership

Treat the happy couple to everything they could ever need to plan their wedding! A wedify membership gives wedding planning couples access to amazing perks, like free tickets to The National Wedding Show, free copies of Confetti magazine and incredible wedding deals and discounts that will save them hundreds of pounds as they plan their wedding.

The 12 month wedify membership for engaged couples also offers discounts on holiday packages, such as 15% off with TUI and a £250.00 honeymoon voucher to spend with the Turquoise Holiday Company.

wedify membership engagement gift idea

3) Rosé and a personalised wine bag

Instead of a gift box, another easy gift idea is to create a personalised gift bag made just for your loved ones. Complete with a bottle of wine or their favourite tipple you can create a collection of engagement gifts chosen especially for the happy couple. 

These engagement gift bags are perfect if you’re looking for something light hearted and memorable for your friend or loved one. We love this selection of personalised engagement gift bags and keepsakes, perfect for wine lovers. 

Try adding some thoughtful keepsakes such as this etched heart or XO bottle opener (pictured).

Featured below: Personalised “Love The Wine You’re With” Wine Bag with Classic Personalised Champagne Glass and Metallic Gold and Silver Confetti Push-Pop | “Yes Way Rosé” Personalised “Modern Floral” Wine Bag with Gold Foil Straws

Gifts for the Wine Lover Including a Personalised Wine Bag Champagne Glass and Bottle Stopper | Pink and Gold Wine Bag and Rosé Engagement Gift Idea with Mini Bottles of Prosecco |

To add an extra touch, you could also pair this with a pretty bottle opener like the below gold heart “XO” bottle opener, gold “CHEERS” bottle opener, gold “XO” bottle opener, and gold “I DO” bottle opener, or a bottle stopper.

Gold Heart Bottle Opener and Rose Pink Drink Idea | Gold Bottle Openers Wedding Gift or Wedding Favour Idea |

We particularly love the idea of giving the bride and groom a tailored gift each, since they may have different drinks preferences.

Featured below: Personalised “Cheers” Canvas Wine Bag in Black and Gold and Ivory and Gold | Gold Bow and Black Tie Bottle Stoppers

Personalised Black and Gold and White and Gold Cheers Canvas Wine Bags | Wine Bottle with Personalised Label and Bow Bottle Stoppers | Wine Bottles with Gold Bow and Black Tie Bottle Stoppers Engagement Gift Ideas |

4) A personalised glass

Personalised glassware is a very popular engagement gift idea and you will find there are lots of options to choose from. We love these stemless wine glasses which make the perfect elegant engagement gift for someone who likes wine or cocktails, and our personalised “Mrs. Nice” and “Mr. Naughty” whisky glasses (shown with “Bring On the Cheer” personalised napkins) are the perfect engagement gift during Christmas time. 

If you’re thinking of designing personalised glasses as an engagement gift, try adding a bottle of their favourite drink, or perhaps add the year or date they are due to marry – the perfect engagement gift and keepsake. 

For a little extra engagement gift, you can also create personalised coasters and beer mats. Take a look at these cork coasters and love bird coaster sets, we love their simple style and sentiment.

Stop and Smell the Rosé Pink Rose Cocktail Drink Idea |

Fun Personalised Christmas Glasses with Red Candy Canes - Mrs Nice and Mr Naughty |

As an additional, complemetery gift, you could even pair your glassware-gift with a set of coasters.

Featured below: Round and Square Cork Coasters finished with a Personalised “Free Spirit” Arrow Monogram Ink Stamp and White Ribbon | Love Birds Coaster Set

Round and Square Cork Coasters with Personalised Arrow Monogram Ink Stamp | Love Birds Cork Back Coasters Wedding Favours |

5) A personalised jar

A personalised jar is a very versatile gift; it can be used as a drinks jar, a treats jar, or you can use it as an organisation jar by filling it with all of your bits and bobs, your paint brushes, your makeup brushes, etc. 

If you’re on a budget, try filling a personalised jar with something you know your engaged couple will love – hot chocolate and marshmallows, a layered cookie recipe, or even some little IOU notes or favours you can offer such as helping with preparation for the wedding, babysitting, or an IOU for a cooked meal etc.

This personalised engagement gift is thoughtful and creative, especially if you’ve got to keep to a budget or you find you have lots of friends and family members getting engaged at the same time.

Featured below: Personalised Glass Mason Jar with Airtight Silver Lid

Personalised Glass Mason Jar Favour Idea With Airtight Silver Lid - Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows Wedding Favour |

6) A flask

Another classic engagement gift idea is a flask, we love these round rose gold flasks engraved with sweet messages. Fill with their favourite tipple, or perhaps even go for an insulated travel flask if you know they have a daily commute, or love walks and picnics together. You can even add a personalised message, take a look at this rose gold hip flask.

Featured below: “The Adventure Begins” Round Rose Gold 3oz Hip Flask

The Adventure Begins Personalised Round Rose Gold Hip Flask |

7) Champagne glasses

The perfect engagement gift for the happy couple is a pair of champagne glasses or toasting flutes. It’s a lovely engagement gift idea as they can be used to toast the engagement, wedding day and even the anniversaries to come. Featuring a calla lily, which is a symbol of devotion, we particularly like the beautiful silver calla lily champagne glasses featured below.

Silver Calla Lily Stemmed Wedding Champagne Glasses and Flutes |

8) Matching mugs

Similarly, if you’re looking for a simple engagement gift which will be used and cherished take a look at a pair of matching engagement gift mugs for the bride and groom. A mug can serve as a great keepsake as well as an engagement gift, try going for a personalised mug, or a bride & groom theme. We love this selection of bride, groom and engagement message mugs – perfect too if you’re on a budget.

If you want to add a little extra to your engagement gift why not create a breakfast hamper, try packing tea, coffee, bucks fizz, croissants, jam, and of course, your favourite mug.

Featured below: A Personalised “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” Coffee Mug, Blush Pink “Blissful Blooms” Kimono Robe, Small Gold “Bridal Survival Kit” Pocket Box, Miniature Rose Gold Easel Photo Frame, and  Gold Heart “XO” Bottle Opener | Personalised “Best Groom Ever” and “Best Bride Ever” Coffee Mugs

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Personalised Coffee Mug Cup Engagement Gift Idea |
Best Bride Ever and Best Groom Ever Personalised Coffee Mug |

9) Memories

A scrapbook or photo album is a very personal, DIY engagement gift that you can guarantee will be treasured forever. Perfect if you’re lifelong friends, or have shared some special events or family times – we love the idea of a personalised photo album and the keepsake box of photos too – the perfect personalised engagement gift.

Featured below: Vintage Design Disposable Camera and Decorative Glass Box with Mirror BaseWooden Memory Note Box

e Style Desposable Wedding Camera |

Wooden Memory Note Box | Wooden Photo Box |

10) A framed photo

Sometimes a simple engagement gift such as a special framed photo can be the most perfect and sentimental gift idea. Similar to the above, you may choose to frame a special photograph you have of the happy couple. If you’re looking to frame the photo you might choose to engrave it, or to write a special message behind the photo. We love these personalised frames, perfect as an engagement gift, or as a wedding gift.

Personalised DIY Friendship Photo Box | Personalised Framed Photo Gift Idea |

11) A recipe gift book

As shown by the brilliant Recipe Gift Book, this is “the ultimate personalised wedding or engagement present from all of your guests; a unique celebration cookbook full of recipes from all of your friends and family and a gift the bride and groom will treasure long after their wedding day.” 

We love this idea, it’s also a perfect way to pass down treasured recipes from parents and grandparents, a lovely thoughtful engagement gift for any couple to treasure forever.

Recipe Book Gift Idea - Recipe Gift Book | Cooking Recipe Favourites House Warming Gift Book by Recipe Gift Books |

12) Poetry

If you’re a bride or groom who has trouble finding the right words, a very romantic engagement gift idea is to choose a poem you love and present it to your loved one, friend or partner. 

Alternatively, a small book of love poems or a romantic novel is a gorgeous little engagement gift too. If you’re choosing an engagement gift for the happy couple, there are also thousands of poems about friendship and brotherhood that would be perfect. 

Don’t forget to write a personalised message in the book too, the perfect thoughtful engagement gift and keepsake. Try scribing the message with this beautiful ink and quill set, or even better give this as a gift too for the couple to write down their own message, vows or poetry.

Featured below: Lizzie and Greg’s Real Wedding by Momentous Photography | Glass Dip Pen Writing Set

Books and Roses Red and Pink Real Wedding by Momentous Photography | Love Letters Black Glass Ink Pen and Ink Pot |

Bride Fairytale Princess Reading a Book by Light from a Window |

13) Note books or vow books

Confetti’s collection of pocket books are perfect for couples who are preparing their vows or are making notes on venues they visit, photographers they like, etc. These lovely books can also be kept as a memory of all the planning and ideas that went into their special day. Note books and vow books are a lovely thoughtful engagement gift idea, perhaps you can personalise a message inside the book, or the recipient could use the book as a journal to record the build up to the big day.

Featured below: “His Vows” Charcoal Linen Pocket Journal (shown with sea holly) and “Her Vows” Ivory Linen Pocket Journal (finished with sprigs of lavender)

Grey and White Personalised His Vows and Her Vows Linen Pocket Note Books | Grey Vow Book - Personalised His Vows with Silver Writing and Sea Holly Thistle Flower | White Vow Book - Personalised Her Vows with Silver Writing and Lavender |

14) A ring box

Usually the couple will prefer to choose their own ring box(es) so that it’s exactly what they want. However, there’s a high chance that you may know what kind of ring box your best friend or partner likes, so you may choose to surprise them with one ready for the wedding.

 If you’re not sure, just ask if it’s something you can choose for them, many couples will be touched by this thoughtful engagement gift idea. Take a look at these amazing acrylic wedding ring boxes, perfectly designed to complement any wedding theme and colour scheme.

Featured below: Acrylic Wedding Ring Box (filled with fern cuttings)

Acrylic Wedding Ring Box - Filled with Maidenhair Fern Cuttings and Silver Wedding Rings |

Other ring box ideas include beautiful alternatives such as the personalised pocket watch ring boxe (available in gold or rose gold). 

Not only are these lovely engagement gift ideas, they are also lovely presentation or keepsake boxes. We also love these modern etched pocket watch cases and I do ring holders.

Featured below: Personalised Pocket Watch Case Wedding Ring Holder with “Modern Couple” Etching and Personalised Pocket Watch Case Wedding Ring Holder with “I Do” Etching

Gold Personalised Pocket Watch Ring Holder | Rose Gold Personalised Pocket Watch Ring Holder |

15) A two-in-one ring box and vow book

The below “A Promise Made” vintage inspired jewellery book box is a beautiful product designed to look like a classic romance novel. Inside the box there’s space to store your vows and wedding rings both before and after the wedding day – a lovely thoughtful engagement gift idea for your loved one, or for a couple.

"A Promise Made" Vintage Inspired Jewellery Book Box for Wedding Rings, Brides Vows, and Groom's Vows |

16) The story of us

Similarly, below is a gorgeous “Story of us” guest book alternative that you can fill out with your very own love story–how you met, your first date, the proposal, your family trees, and more–and which remains as a treasured keepsake after the wedding. 

If you’re giving this to a couple as an engagement gift idea why not write the first message inside.

Story Of Us Wedding Guest Book Box Idea and Alternative | Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas | The Story of Us Wedding Book |

Wedding Guest Book Ideas The Story of Us |

17) A wedding planner

In preparation for the wedding day, what better gift is there than a beautiful wedding planner to guide the couple through the process? This lovely engagement gift idea can be kept after the wedding as a special keepsake and memory of the planning that went into their special day.

Featured below: Exclusive Confetti Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner Exclusive To Confetti |

18) A money box

Encourage the happy couple to put aside any loose change they can spare with a cute “Wedding Fund” money box. 

We love this sweet and thoughtful engagement gift idea, perfect if you’re looking for something to make the happy couple smile. Perhaps if you’re a close relative you can kick start the fund with a surprise cheque inside.

Featured below:  Wedding Fund Amore Ceramic Piggy Bank

Wedding Fund Amore Ceramic Piggy Bank Money Box |

19) A wedding countdown sign

Help stoke the excitement of the impending big day with a “days until ‘I DO’” countdown sign. A lovely engagement gift idea and something the couple can keep in their home until the big day.

Chalkboard Heart I Do Wedding Countdown Sign |

20) An accessory box

This classic versatile engagement gift idea is perfect for couples looking for somewhere special to store their wedding rings or to store keepsakes, wedding accessories and gifts after the big day. You can find gift boxes of all shapes and sizes, including these lovely glass accessories boxes, or why not go for something etched or engraved. 

Featured below: Rose Gold Personalised Jewellery Box with “Modern Floral” Print, Square Glass Box with “Modern Floral” Etching, and Large Rectangular “Modern Floral”Glass Box with Sparkle Fabric (and you can browse dozens more on our Jewellery Boxes and Holders page)

Rose Gold Jewellery Boxes |

Whether it’s a jewellery box or keepsake box for all the pretty charms and trinkets the bride and groom are likely to receive as gifts, or a keepsake box or organiser for all the big day essentials like emergency sewing kits, there’s an enormous range to choose from and you can guarantee you’ll find something truly gift-worthy.

Featured below: Wood and Faux Leather Keepsake Box With Glass Lid – Modern Initials with  “For You” Brass Money Clip and Round Wooden Keepsake Box With Lid – Classic Font Etching

Personalised Square Wood and Faux Leather Keepsake Box Men's Accessories Organiser Box with Tie and Money Clips Featuring a Mercury Glass Hurricane Vase | Personalised Round White Wooden Keepsake Box Women's Accessories Organiser Box with Lid |

21) Matching keyrings

If you’re looking for a trinket engagement gift, or something small to go alongside a special engagement card, take a look at these matching keyrings which are the perfect little sentimental added extra. 

Giving the couple a matching keyring each is a small but lovely gift, as it means they can add them to their car keys or house keys and they’ll be with them wherever they go – especially perfect if the happy couple are due to move into a new home together.

Featured below: Personalised Two Hearts Keyrings

Two Hearts Keyrings Personalised |

22) A scratch-off map of the world

A map of the world (like the below Scratch-Off Map Of The World by Scratch Map) where you can scratch off all the places you’ve been is an ideal engagement gift for travel-lovers. 

They can scratch off anywhere they go together, perhaps beginning with their honeymoon? This lovely engagement gift idea is perfectly paired alongside a small ornamental globe, or a photograph of somewhere special where your loved one or happy couple have been together, or perhaps even where they met.

Scratch Map Poster Travel Gift Idea - Scratch Off Map Of The World |

Other spins on this idea include a map of ideas where the couple can go on holiday/travel to together, or a simple ornamental globe (maybe engraved somewhere with the couple’s names or wedding date?).

Featured below: Shadow Box Photo Frame with Script Font Etching

Shadow Box Photo Frame with Script Font Etching Shown With Ornamental Globe |

23) A personalised passport cover

If your loved one or the newly engaged couple you are buying for plan to go on honeymoon, why not consider one of these faux leather personalised passport covers? Not only is this a lovely engagement gift idea, but also a useful and thoughtful keepsake. We love these gorgeous etched gold passport covers.

Faux Leather Passport Cover - Grey and Pink |

24) Engagement ring floats

The couple can also get set for their honeymoon with this quirky diamond ring pool float and matching inflatable diamond ring drinks holder. If you want your engagement gift to put a big smile on the faces of your newly engaged friends then take a look at some of these playful inflatables – guaranteed to make your pals giggle.

Gold Engagement Ring Wedding Ring Pool Float | Diamond Ring Drink Float Drink Holder | |

25) A beach towel

If your friends or loved ones are planning on taking a beach honeymoon take a look at these personalised beach and bath towels as the perfect playful engagement gift idea. Also perfect as a wedding gift, we love these plush round beach towel gifts which are not only practical but also eye catching and trendy.

Featured below: Navy and White Striped Round Beach Towel | White and Blue Tribal Print Round Beach Towel | Tropical Pink Hibiscus Round Beach Towel | Pink Donut Round Beach Towel

Navy and White Striped Round Beach Towel |

Round Beach Towel - White and Blue Tribal Print | Round Beach Towel - Tropical Pink Hibiscus | Round Beach Towel - Pink Donut with Sprinkles and Bite Taken Out |

26) A luxury gift

If you’re looking to go all-out with your engagement gift, or if you’re looking for an engagement gift to give from a group of friends, take a look at these experience days.

From wine tasting to mini-breaks, gift experiences are perfect for couples who have everything, or if you’re looking for something a little different.  Take a look at these gift experience ideas below.

Featured below: “Love in the Swedish Treetops” by Patchwork It Honeymoon Gift List

Love in the Swedish Treetops Honeymoon Fund Wedding Gift Idea by Patchwork It |

27) A sign

A simple but effective engagement gift, a personalised sign can be used throughout wedding planning, during the wedding itself, and remains as a great keepsake around the home after the wedding. Try personalising with names, messages and dates to make these signs extra special.

Featured below: Personalised Natural Wooden Wedding Sign in Medium and Small

Personalised Wooden Wedding Signs |

28) A centrepiece

Sometimes an elegant vase can be a lovely gift idea. Try going for something classic and timeless, take a look at these personalised vases which would work well as both an engagement gift and wedding gift.

Personalised Vase Gift Idea | Vase Housewarming Gift Idea |

29) A personalised candle

A personalised candle is a lovely engagement gift idea for a couple or a loved one. Try adding a vintage inspired candle holder, or choose something scented that will remind them of their engagement. We love these pretty decorative candles and candle holders.

Personalised candles and candle holders are also lovely engagement gift ideas as they could be used on the wedding breakfast tables, or included in the decoration on the wedding day.

Featured below: “And they lived Happily Ever After” Personalised CandleVintage Inspired Taper Candle Holder, and Vintage Inspired Iron Pillar Candle Holder

Personalised Happily Ever After Wedding Unity Ceremony Candle |

30) A hanging decoration

Something small and ornamental that can be displayed on a wall in the home (like the below personalised white wicker heart) is a lovely engagement gift for a couple that could also double as a garden decoration or a Christmas tree decoration come December. We love these rustic wicker hearts, perfect as a keepsake, or as a small memento alongside an engagement card.

Ornate Silver Swirl Personalised White Wicker Heart Decoration |

31) A personalised cushion

A personalised cushion can double as a pretty homeware engagement gift as well as a keepsake for the couple. There are lots of options available from personalised initials and messages to photograph pillows and wedding ring cushions. We love these simple personalised cushions, especially the linen cushion – a lovely engagement gift idea.

Featured below: Personalised “Eternal” Linen Cushion | Natural Charm Personalised Cushion

Personalised Eternal Definition Natural Linen Ring Cushion With Vintage Type | Natural Charm Simply Sweet Personalised Ring Cushion |

32) A cheeseboard

A personalised cheese board or serving board is a perfect engagement gift for anyone who loves to throw small parties, or lovers of wine. Pair this gift with a selection of cheeses and crackers and perhaps a bottle of wine and the bride and groom can enjoy a night in with their favourite movie or TV show. 

These personalised cheese boards are great as they can be kept and used, try etching a message or memorable date.

Featured below: Personalised Monogram Teak Cutting and Serving Board with Personalised Stemless Glass Champagne Flutes

Personalised Monogram Teak Cutting and Serving and Cheese Board Gift | Personalised Cheese Board and Cutting Board Kitchen Gift | Winter Berries Personalised Stemless Glass Champagne Flutes |

33) Mini salt and pepper shakers

These pretty salt and pepper shakers are a lovely engagement gift. This cute selection is perfect for couples who like to cook, or could perhaps be given as a memento alongside a dinner for two voucher, or with a home cooked meal for two.

Featured below: White Ceramic Owls Salt And Pepper Shakers | Black and White Interlocking Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Salt And Pepper Shakers | White Ceramic Bears Salt And Pepper Shakers | White Love Birds Salt And Pepper Shakers | Interlocking Hearts Salt And Pepper Shakers

White Ceramic Owls Salt And Pepper Shakers Wedding Favour |

Black and White Interlocking Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Salt and Pepper Shakers | White Ceramic Bears Salt and Pepper Shakers Favour in Gift Box | White Love Birds Salt and Pepper Shakers Wedding Favours In Gift Box | Interlocking Hearts Salt and Pepper Shakers Wedding Favour |

34) A dish

An ornamental dish or plate can often be used as a ring box or ring pillow alternative, however they also work brilliantly as somewhere to keep your car keys at home.

Featured below: White Porcelain Leaf Dish

White Porcelain Leaf Ring Plate or Key Dish |

35) Flowers

Whether a bouquet or a decorative hanging garland, flowers are a beautiful and classic gift for any occasion. If you’re unsure what to choose for your loved ones flowers are perfect as they are not a permanent fixture in the house – take a look at these gorgeous engagement gift flower options which will be well received by any newly engaged couple. We love this pretty floral door wreath.

Featured below: The Florist at Coppice

Hanging Flower Heart Decoration and Door Wreath by The Florist at Coppice |

36) A bouquet charm

Another small but very meaningful gift, a bouquet charm allows the bride to include a photo of someone she loves and perhaps is no longer with her on the wedding day. These pretty charms are a lovely engagement gift, especially if you’re buying for someone close and you know they will love this thoughtful sentiment.

Featured below: Antique Silver Book Locket Bouquet Charm | Antique Gold Locket Bouquet Charm

Antique Silver Book Locket Bouquet Charm | Antique Gold Locket Bouquet Charm |

37) A plant or seed

A plant or seed is a lovely gift. We love this engagement gift idea of planting a tree with The Woodland Trust, on behalf of the couple. You could also give the simple gift of a rose or a plant, something that can be kept and nurtured by the newly engaged couple – many plants also have symbols and meanings making your engagement gift even more thoughtful and special. 

Featured below: The Woodland Trust

Woodland Trust Ancient Woodland and Bluebells |

38) A gift box

An engagement gift box can be as big or small as you like, and ideas include a “wedding day survival kit” such as we have made below: a box full of must-haves or pamper products for the day of the wedding. 

We used one of our ornate vintage boxes and filled it with on-the-day essentials such as hairspray, wipes, hand lotion, and pain killers complete with a card. You could also try filling a box with engagement gifts such as champagne, chocolates, poems and photographs to celebrate their engagement.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas and Inspiration |

Other gift boxes include his and hers boxes–take inspiration from the below “For My Bridesmaid” and “For My Groomsman” gift boxes and tailor them to the bride or groom.

Featured below: “For My Bridesmaid” Premium Gift Box complete with a “Bridesmaid” Headband, “Lattes and Sunny Days” Personalised Coffee Mug, Floral Print Sunglasses, Compact Mirror, Lip Balm“Mwah” Pocket Box and “Bright Summer Mix” Pink, Green, and Blue Jumbo Party Confetti | “For My Groomsman” Premium Gift Box featuring Metallic Gold Sunglasses, Gold Nautical Anchor Bottle Opener, FlaskMixed Metallics Jumbo Party Tissue Confetti in White, Gold, Silver, and Black, and Personalised, Metallic Gold Foil Label

Engagement Gift Box Ideas for Him and Her |

Featured below: “Bride To Be” Premium Gift Box | “Groom” Premium Gift Box | “From Miss to Mrs” Premium Gift Box with “Bride to Be” Sash, Gold Heart Jewellery Box, “Minimergency” kit, Initial Monogram Cream and Gold Compact Mirror, Ivory Linen “Note Book” Pocket Journal, and Metallic Gold Engagement Champagne Flute

Premium Gift Box - Bride To Be In Metallic Gold - Black and Gold | Premium Gift Box - Groom In Metallic Gold - Black and Gold |

From Miss to Mrs Bride To Be Gift Box |

(Find more gift box ideas here)

39)  A miniature gift box

A gift box doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact. Even fun-sized gift boxes can be very pretty, such as these Kraft favour boxes with vintage lace print decorated with ribbon as bride and groom, finished with Lace Medley rectangular tags

Fill them with treats or a small charm to make a very sweet, DIY engagement gift. These pretty boxes are also lovely engagement gift boxes to give to a couple or loved one from children. They could fill them with pretty keepsakes or little notes for the happy couple. 

Other mini box ideas include Metallic Gold or Metallic Silver diamond shaped favour boxes and the very, very pretty “Surprise” paper bloom box.

Bride and Groom Favour Boxes Heart Kraft Paper Favour Box With Vintage Lace Print |

Metallic Gold and White Diamond Shaped Favour Box | White and Metallic Gold Surprise Bloom Unfolding Flower Favour Box | Metallic Silver Glamorous Diamond Favour Box | Metallic Gold Glamorous Diamond Favour Box |

40) A gift bag

Like a gift box, a gift bag can be as big or small as you want. Plus, not only are they the perfect way to present an engagement gift to the bride or groom, but they can also be used over and over again. 

Featured below: Personalised “Totes Engaged” White Canvas Bag | Personalised Carry On, Travel Toiletry Bag | Personalised “Modern Floral” Canvas Bag (shown with one of our beautiful Pink Floral Watercolour Dressing Gowns)

Totes Engaged Personalised Cotton Canvas Tote Bag | Personalised Hanging Carry On Travel Toiletry Bag | Personalised The Bride Floral Watercolour Bag with Pink Dressing Gown |

(Find more gift bag ideas here)

41) A tray of treats

Use an acrylic tray to present some goodies to the bride and groom–perhaps some luxury cupcakes or something homemade?

Featured below: “Fancy Another?” rectangular “Modern Floral” tray and Ornate Gold Cake or Pie Server

Pink and Gold Floral Rose Cupcakes and Ornate Gold Cake or Pie Server |

42) A picnic basket or hamper

A picnic basket or a hamper of goodies can include a selection of food and drink for the couple to try. It could also be a ready-made summer date idea or made for a cosy winter picnic. We love this engagement gift idea as it can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. The picnic basket is also a great engagement gift to keep and reuse again. Take a look at these lovely ideas to fill your picnic basket.

Featured below: Large Woven Picnic Basket, 250ml Swing Top Square Glass Bottles with Antique Chic “Something Sweet” Sticker, Mason Jar Drinking Glasses, Mini Mason Jar, Mason Jar “Love” Personalised Napkins, Wooden Cutlery, Mini Favour Bag, Mr and Mrs Canvas Ribbon, and Antique Chic Thank You Tag

Picnic Basket Gift Box Wedding or Anniversary Gift Idea |

Smaller than a basket or hamper (but still very pretty) is also the below treat tin.

Featured below: 250ml and 70ml Swing Top Square Glass Bottles with Antique Chic “Something Sweet” Sticker, Ribbon, and Lace Medley Napkin Tag, put together in a Galvanised Rectangular Tin

Autumn Red Orange Apple Harvest with Cider Drinks Gift Hamper |

43) Something home baked

Similar to the above hampers, you could also opt for something homemade. We Love the idea of an engagement gift that has been lovingly baked such as sweet doughnuts, pies, cakes, biscuits, or even an old family recipe. Try presenting in a gift tin or ask the newly engaged couple what they would like.

Featured below: Pink Acrylic Heart Cake Topper and Drunk In Love Print and Kiss Print Personalised Napkins | “We’re So Engaged” Personalised Paper Bags | Mini Woven Picnic Baskets with Purple Plain Ribbon | “Sweetie Pies” Mini Pie Packaging Kits with Purple Plain Ribbon

Pink and White Iced Sprinkled Wedding Donuts and Personalised Napkins | White and Gold Mini Donuts Wedding Favour Idea and Wedding Gift Idea and Engagement Gift Idea |

Homemade Baked Edible Wedding Favours in Mini Woven Picnic Baskets | | Homemade Baked Sweetie Pies Rustic Wedding Favour Ideas |

You could even pair these with a selection of plates or dining essentials.

Featured below: Large Gold and Blush Hexagon Party Plates, Small Gold and Marble Hexagon Party Plates, Pink and Metallic Gold Party Cups with Gold Foil Hearts Straws and Gold Foil X&Os Straws, “Pass The Bubbly” Frosted Plastic Cups with Gold Foil Straws, Small Gold Splash Cocktail Napkins, “Bling Bling” Personalised Napkins, Round Personalised Paper Coasters, Wooden Cutlery, Gold Foil Jumbo Party Confetti

Blush Pink and Gold Party Food Essentials and Decorations with Marble Effect |

44) Chocolates

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Chocolates will also be well received as an engagement gift. If you want to go for something a little more extravagant try creating something different such as this amazing ferrero rocher display!  This could also be used at the wedding.

Ferrero Rocher Display by Sweet Occasions |

45) A cake serving set

The cutting of the cake is a traditional part of many weddings and a must-have photo for the wedding album. For that reason, many couples choose to have a personalised cake serving set. If you know what style the couple would love, you could give one to them as an engagement gift.

Featured below: Antique Style Silver Cake Serving Set | Venice Gold Cake Serving Set

Vintage Inspired Antique Style Silver Cake Serving Set with Ornate Engraving | Venice Gold Personalised Wedding Cake Serving Set with Floral Design and Crystal Gems |

46) Date night ideas

It’s important that couples put aside time for each other in their busy lives, so what better way to encourage that than by giving a gift of a jar of date ideas? Write different date ideas on wooden hearts or lolly sticks and put them in an empty jar. Then the couple can pick one out at random  every week. They can even add to the list of ideas if they want.

Featured below: Rose Gold Wishing Jar Guest Book Alternative with Wooden Hearts and Lace Medley Napkin Tag

Rose Gold and Wooden Hearts Wishing Jar Guest Book Date Ideas DIY |

A step up from a jar of ideas however could be a a decorative display, such as the below vintage display drawer filled with ideas.

Featured below: Lace Medley Folded Program Cover with DIY Lace Paper Doilies, Natural Wooden Buttons with Craft Paper Twine

Rustic Glam Wedding Stationery Table Ideas | Lace Medley Folded Program Cover with DIY Lace Paper Doilies and Wooden Buttons |

Decorative Vintage Shelf with Invitations Presentation Idea |

Also featured above: Glass Globe Votive Holder with Reflective Lace Pattern and a Rustic Wire Basket

47) Dressing gowns

A favourite engagement gift idea is to give the bride and groom a personalised dressing gown. These can be worn on the morning of the wedding and make lovely photos too. We love this white lace bridal robe and this simple grey cotton mens robe, both of which can be worn after the wedding too. Try pairing with these cute personalised hangers.

Featured below: White Lace Bridal Robe and Grey Cotton Men’s Robe

Personalised White Lace Bridal Nightgown and Personalised Grey Cotton Men's Robe |

Pair with a clothes hanger such as the below “Hey Handsome” Personalised Wooden Hanger and “Hello Beautiful” Personalised Wooden Hanger (shown with Blue Floral Watercolour Dressing Gown)

His and Hers Personalised Clothes Hangers Hey Handsome and Hello Beautiful |

48) A personalised towel

Bath and hand towels are a perfect engagement gift for a newly-engaged couple or a couple who have just moved in together. These lovely personalised towels can be used for the honeymoon too – a great engagement gift that will definitely be used.

If you’re not sure what to go for try opting for something natural that will suit any home colour scheme such as these gorgeous fluffy white towels with initial embroidery.

Featured below: Personalised Towel

Luxurious Terry Velour Cotton Towel with Gold Embroidery | Luxury Terry Velour Cotton Towels with Gold Personalisation |

49) Fun accessories

Give the couple a fun, quirky gift that they can use again at the hen or stag party, such as the below-featured “Bride” headband and black sunglasses. If you’re looking for a playful light hearted gift these are perfect and can be kept as a memento by the bride and groom.

Fun Hen and Stag Bride and Groom Party Accessories |

50) Throw a Party

As perhaps the biggest hurrah of them all, you may decide to throw a surprise engagement party to celebrate the bride- and groom-to-be! (Here’s how to plan an engagement party and a collection of beautiful engagement dresses you can wear again and again).

Featured below: 36″ Jumbo White “I Do” Round Wedding Balloon | Gold Foil Paper Fan Party Decorations | Gold Foil Jumbo Party Confetti | Watermelon Round Paper Lantern In Gold and White | Gold, Silver And Ivory Hanging Honeycomb With Tassel Set Of 3 | White Hanging Honeycomb Set Of 3

I Do Balloons White and Gold Wedding |

51) A card

Perhaps the simplest and easiest engagement gift of them all is a beautiful card that you may choose to present to the happy couple with some pretty balloons. A card is often the item an engaged couple will treasure and keep, especially if it is from a loved family member. Try scribing a handwritten message or poem to make it extra special.

Featured below: Modern Fairy Tale ProgramPearl Butterfly Invitation | Large White Round Wedding Balloons

Modern Fairy Tale Program - Now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story | Pearl Butterfly Invitation |

White Wedding Balloon Decor |

52) A good luck charm

And lastly, one of the most beautiful engagement gifts of them all is a small good luck charm that can carry the couple through all of their wedding planning, the big day itself, and into their happily ever after. 

We love these pretty heart charms which can be kept and treasured, made into a bracelet or kept in a jewellery box as a memento of their happy day.

Featured below: Happy Ever After Silver Bracelet With Crystal Heart Charm

Happy Ever After Silver Bracelet With Crystal Heart Charm |

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