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The Essential Collection Gift List by Prezola

There’s now a stylish gift list that features everything you really need – and want. If you’re setting up home together for the first time and need essential homewares, from toasters to towels, or you’re simply looking for a gift list without any overly extravagant items, The Essential Collection by Prezola could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Prezola Essentials Collection gift list |


Prezola are the experts in this field, having won Wedding Gift List of the Year at The British Wedding Awards, for the third year running. They know what you’ll love, and appreciate that when it comes to choosing a wedding gift list there are three main things to consider:

Style: Every couple has their own personal style and, while fashions come and go, some designs are timeless. Decide whether you would like classic white tableware that will never go out of style or funky fashions that are of the time or both. The Essentials Collection features a wide variety of styles to suit every taste.

Space: It is worth considering how much space you have before adding larger items to your list. And if you love sitting in your garden, or eating alfresco, don’t forget to add garden items, it’s not just housewares that can go on your list.

Place settings: It seems obvious but if you love entertaining (or you’re expecting triplets!) then it’s a good idea to add larger numbers of kitchen items such as everyday cups, plates and cutlery to your list.

Prezola Essential Collection gift list |

The Essential Collection Gift List by Prezola features over 30,000 pretty and practical items from 300 different brands. This new gift list is more than just a mix of gorgeous gifts and all the necessary kitchen and bathroom accessories. You could choose to add a honeymoon fund, cash gifts and even a charity donation, so it’s versatile too.

Gifts are priced up to £120.00 (for a 9-piece saucepan set – bargain!), the lowest priced item being a high-standard kitchen knife for just £8.00, meaning your guests can pick and mix what to give you without feeling they have to shell out a small fortune on a luxury item because that’s all that’s left on your list.

Prezola Essential Collection gift list |

It’s good to know you will you receive exactly what you want in celebration of your marriage. A gift list also makes present-buying so much easier for your guests as they will want to get you something you really do want.

Prezola Essentials Collection Gift List |

The best thing about a wedding gift list is you are likely to be using every gift for years to come. Each item on your gift list becomes more than the sum of its parts. The gifts serves as a personal reminder of everyone who came to celebrate your special day. And while your wedding list is not always the place to ask for a family heirloom, it is still the ultimate wish list for every bride and groom.

The Essential Collection is  by, the UK’s leading independent wedding gift list company and winner of Best Gift List in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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