Confetti products on a gift list

Gifts for your bride or groom

A thoughtful bride or groom will show their love by giving a meaningful keepsake to their new husband or wife to commemorate their wedding day. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean you have to go to Tiffany’s (although it would be nice).

Confetti products on a gift list
Images clockwise from top left, all from the Confetti shop: Just Married Passport Holder | Name A Rose | Name A Star | Personalised Pocket Watch


Love letter

Meaningful gifts don’t have to cost any money at all. You could write a simple love letter telling them just how you feel on the morning or the night before your wedding. In years to come it could be handed down to your children’s grandchildren as a family love letter to treasure. You could frame it and have it on your bedside table to remind you how much you are loved.

Love tree

For those wanting to give something a little different to the written word, consider giving a love tree that will grow and blossom for years to come, just like your love for each other. You could plant it in your back garden and place a love seat next to it.


If your other half loves a bit of bling then something sparkly could be just the thing. For brides: earrings or a necklace (or both!) to match the metal and style of their wedding and engagement rings would be a wonderful surprise on the morning of the wedding. For grooms: cufflinks or a watch will make his day.

Something unusual

If your beloved is a true romantic then what could be more symbolic of your everlasting love than to Name a Star after them or Name a Rose in their honour? If you and your fiancé are hoping to uncover your family history together once married and create a new family tree then Family History could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Just married

For kitsch lovers everywhere there are the ‘Just married’ items such as this cool white leather passport holder and matching luggage tag, presented in a silver gift box and ideal for your honeymoon. Or for your new home together how about this cuter than cute, ‘Just married’ front door mat.

Engrave your thoughts

Having something engraved, whatever it may be, makes a lovely keepsake even more personal. For brides: a trinket box for her dressing table, a bracelet, pendant or locket would be lovely. For grooms: an old fashioned pocket watch, his wedding ring or a silver-plated pen could be ideal. Having it engraved with words of love and your wedding date will also ensure they never forget your anniversary.

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