Kitchen Gadgets Boston Cocktail Set |

Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Okay you might not need them but we know you’ll want at least one of these goodies. Here’s how to make sushi, waffles, cake pops and crepes; you can even churn your own butter if you really want to. If you’re interested in cutting down on carbs, don’t miss the new vegetable spiraliser. Here’s our pick of the coolest kitchen gadgets you never even knew you needed!

Kitchen Gadgets Boston Cocktail Set |
Luxury Cocktail Shaker Set

Shaken or stirred, an exciting addition to your kitchen and possibly the coolest gift you can give. Just think of the parties you could have with this.


Ice-Cream Sandwich Maker

Because everyone secretly wants to make little pretty shaped ice-cream sandwiches whether they have small children or not… And, how else are you going to get the ice-cream to stay in without squishing out?

Kitchen Gadgets Ice-cream sandwhich maker cutters |
Ice-cream sandwich makers

Nessie Spoons and Knife Block Recipe Holder

You kitchen will look so ridiculously cute with these Nessie spoons or cool as with the bamboo knife block that can hold your iPad to help you refer to recipes while you cook.


Kitchen gadgets |
Nessie soup spoon family set of colander and ladle | Universal bamboo knife block recipe holder

Blender and Soda Stream Sparkling Water Maker

Start the day with a super healthy smoothie by just adding fresh or frozen fruit along with yogurt, juice or milk to this blender with its own handy blend and go bottle. Or turn ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds, saving you money on buying bottled sparkling water.

Kitchen gadgets |
Active blender | Soda stream sparkling water maker

Waffle Maker and Cake Pops Bundle

If you rolled your eyes at the idea of starting your day with a healthy smoothie or sparkling water then perhaps a weekend breakfast of freshly cooked waffles drizzled in maple syrup or loaded with berries and yogurt might seem more attractive. The cake pops bundle comes complete with everything you need to make amazing looking cake pops for your party, wedding, or just for fun.


Kitchen gadgets |
Waffle maker | Cake pops bundle

Hot Dogs, Spaghetti and Pizza

This shiny red toaster style machine makes hot dogs in minutes as it cooks the sausages while warming your bread rolls.  Non-stick elements and easy to clean. It’s fast food in your own home and great for TV sports marathons.

Spiralizer, Sushi and Crepe Maker

The vegetable spiralizer is a new idea and it’s genius if you’re looking for ways to eat healthier and particularly if you want to cut down on carbs. It turns your vegetables into spaghetti or noodles and makes amazing looking and super healthy salads and side dishes.

Mueller Spiral-pro |
Mueller Spiral-pro vegetable spiralizer
Traditonal crepe maker by Breville |
Traditonal crepe maker by Breville
Sushezi home sushi maker |
Sushezi home sushi maker

Traditional Kitchen Gadgets

According to Kilner, ‘It’s downright exciting to be able to see the butter forming inside’ this traditional Victorian style butter maker. And for anyone who loves to use fresh herbs and spices in their cooking, an old fashioned pestle and mortar is essential. And finally, we love this rustic looking glass and wood neck coffee maker.

Kitchen Gadgets |
Manual butter churner | Pestle and mortar | Wood neck coffee maker

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