Oh No, Not Another Toaster!

Great ideas to help you create a gift list with a difference. If you already have everything that you need for your house, how about one of these alternatives?

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If you already share a home together and feel that you have all the household items you need, how about using a gift list to ask for something a little different?

Asking for adventure

Gift lists are getting more and more adventurous, and can include anything from balloon rides, paragliding or a romantic weekend together in a health spa. Or what about asking for scuba diving lessons on your honeymoon? These kinds of gifts can certainly be expensive, but it’s becoming popular for guests to club together or contribute towards something in vouchers. It’s always a good idea though, to have a good choice of inexpensive items on your list. Out-of-the-ordinary gifts for adventurous lists could include a camera or a head torch.

Money or vouchers?

It’s actually quite acceptable these days to ask for money or vouchers. The advantages are, of course, that you can spend your gifts on whatever you want, be it a new sofa or your honeymoon.

Charity gifts

It’s also proving popular to ask guests to donate money to a chosen charity instead of buying gifts. Which is exactly what our Royal Newlyweds have done.

Luxury dining

You’ve probably got a reliable stock of dishwasher-safe, everyday crockery, but wouldn’t you like something a little smarter for special occasions? Choosing a new set of bone china is an investment for life, and while it’s probably not something you’d treat yourself to under normal circumstances, now’s your chance to ask for something special.

Cutlery is also a good choice. There are canteens of cutlery for every possible occasion, from fine dining to barbecues and summer parties. Stainless steel designs look great in any setting, but why not try something a little more distinctive and quirky to spruce up your table?

To round off your new-found sophistication, you could ask for crystal glasses. These can be tradition and contemporary, with a range of fashionable options available. Alternatively, look out for coloured glassware which can make a real statement when combined with white linens and china.

Bathroom accessories

You may find that having brought your two lives together under one roof you have a mixture of tastes and styles, brought from your former lives. This is often the case in the bathroom, where odd towels mix with modern mirrors and old-fashioned soap dishes.  Relegate your old towels to beach use and treat yourself to a new set of luxury towels. Choose neutral colours and use your bathroom accessories to add splashes of colour, and add super-soft matching robes.

Outdoor living

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, trees, plants, garden furniture and accessories make great gifts. You could choose a set of lanterns or a table-top, chrome-plated barbecue. Outdoor heaters are another option for couples who love dining al-fresco.

Food and wine

Wine-lovers could create a wine list. Put together a list of bottles (everything from affordable wines to Champagne or spirits) and ask guests if they would like to buy you a bottle. You should be able to set up a decent foundation for an impressive wine collection. Couples that share a passion for food could ask for a range of kitchen items, a cookery course or set of cookbooks.

What about more traditional guests?

Older or more traditional guests may prefer to buy something for your home, and might find requests for money or vouchers impolite, so be discreet. Also think about if there are any treats you would like, such as a beautiful bed linen set, or range of glassware that you can ask for.

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